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The City of Brisbane and its residents care deeply about a wide variety of issues surrounding sustainability.  Work is being done by the government, citizens, and businesses to lower the environmental impact of our activity and preserve natural habitat.  Some initiatives in this area include:

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Upgrade Brisbane, part of a new statewide program that helps property owners improve the energy efficiency of their building, protects the environment, saves money, and puts construction workers back to work
  • Climate Protection – reducing carbon footprints – Greenhouse gas inventories of government operations and community
  • Transportation - free commuter/resident shuttles
  • LED streetlight upgrade program
  • Renewable energy programs
  • Solar thermal heating for Community Pool

Water Conservation & Quality

  • Brisbane is among the lowest per capita water uses in San Mateo County
  • Brisbane is actively involved in the County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program, to keep urban runoff that is polluted from flushing into storm drains and discharging into the Bay.  Click here to view a staff interview and learn more about the program.
  • At City Hall, a rain garden and bioswale were installed when the building was renovated
  • Landscaping has been done to minimize damage to the Bay and minimize water use
  • Several ordinances govern water conservation (see under Governance below)
  • Information provided on rainwater harvesting via rain barrels
  • The City participates in water efficient appliance rebate programs

Waste and Recycling

  • The City, in cooperation with SSF Scavengers provided services and programs that resulted in diverting 77% of the waste generated by residents and businesses, exceeding the State's goal of 50% waste diversion.  
  • Brisbane works with the County's RecycleWorks program to provide information of sustainable landscaping, native, and drought tolerant gardening.  
  • Backyard compositing is promoted through offering the County's compost and worm bins to residents at a reduced cost.

Habitat Protection

  • Open Space Acquisition programs are in effect
  • Vegetation management and habitat maintenance of City owned open space
  • Habitat Restoration Day

Public Education

  • Articles
  • Day in the Park Festival
  • Schools
  • Volunteer stewardship Workdays (Habitat Restoration Day)

Other Programs and Initiatives

Environmental Policy

The Brisbane City Council has adopted ordinances and resolutions to support environmental sustainability in our community.