Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan

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Thank you to all community members who participated in the two year planning process for the Parkside Plan. The Draft Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan (which does not reflect the Council's adopted text modifications) may be viewed online on the Parkside Documents page. You can also view a hard copy at the Brisbane Library (not available for checkout) or at City Hall.

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*Please note there are no future meetings or workshops anticipated for the Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan after the City Council's adoption of the Plan on October 30, 2017. The implementing zoning will be scheduled for review at Planning Commission public hearings in winter 2017-2018.*
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The Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan area includes approximately 25 acres of publicly and privately owned properties near the entrance to Brisbane as shown on the map below (click map to enlarge).  As outlined on the project history page, the future of the Parkside area has been an active topic of community discussion and study over the past 10 years. Building on these efforts, the City Council authorized the preparation of the precise plan in July, 2015 to proactively and cohesively determine its long term vision for this area. After a two-year planning process, the City Council adopted the Draft Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan with text modifications and implementing General Plan amendments on October 30, 2017. The implementing zoning regulations will be considered by the Planning Commission and City Council in winter 2017-2018. 

What is the purpose of the Parkside Plan? How is the Parkside Plan addressing new housing development in Brisbane?

The State of California requires the City of Brisbane, along with all other cities and counties in California, to adopt zoning to accommodate a certain number of new housing units over a defined period of time, or "planning cycle." The number of housing units any city or county must accommodate is determined through a process called the "Regional Housing Needs Allocation" (RHNA). The RHNA is further broken down into affordability categories for very low, low, moderate, and above-moderate income households. The State has established minimum housing density standards that are considered adequate to accommodate housing that is affordable to those household income categories. You can read an explanation of the RHNA process on the Association of Bay Area Government's website.
Brisbane's RHNA for the 2015-2022 planning cycle is 83 housing units. In addition, the City also has to zone for its 2007-2014 RHNA of 210 units, because the City did not adopt the zoning for those units within the past planning cycle. The 2015-2022 Housing Element adopted by the City Council in April 2015 identifies three sites along Park Lane for a residential zoning overlay at 26 dwelling units per acre as a minimum, and two sites along Park Place for a mixed use zoning overlay at 20 dwelling units per acre as a minimum. Given the minimum densities, these five sites could accommodate 228 housing units.

While the City has an obligation to adopt zoning regulations to accommodate its RHNA, the City is under no obligation to build housing, nor are the property owners under any kind of time deadline to build housing. No residential projects have been proposed or submitted to the City. The goal of the  Parkside Plan is to ensure that the community defines its vision and establishes the implementing regulations and standards before new residential development is proposed. The Parkside Precise Plan will be both the vehicle to establish the community’s vision and the tool to ensure that this vision is implemented through individual projects over time.   Property owners and future developers also benefit, in that through the precise plan, they understand the community’s vision and know what will be expected of them in future development.

Stay Involved and Informed

*Please note there are no future meetings anticipated for the Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan after the City Council's adoption of the Plan on October 30, 2017.*
To be notified of any upcoming events/meetings, please submit your email hereCommunity engagement is critical to ensuring that the plan reflects Brisbane’s vision for itself, and we are asking for your thoughts and ideas.  How can future plans for this area promote community health by creating a more walkable and livable neighborhood? What opportunities exist to enhance economic vitality and increase the range of locally available goods and services, promote private investment, improve transit access, increase pedestrian and bike connectivity, and create more usable public space?  Can the entrance to Brisbane be made more inviting and attractive?  As outlined above there are numerous ways for you to get engaged and stay involved, and we hope you will!

Materials Available for Review

All available documents - including the Draft Plan- are posted on the Documents page. The final Plan will be posted on the Documents page when the adopted text modifications have been completed.


Still have questions? Contact the Community Development Department at (415) 508-2120 or email