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Posted 3/11/2015

City of Brisbane
Safe Pedestrian Routes
California Vehicle Code 22500[f]
Do Not Block Sidewalk with your Parked Car
Help Keep Our Kids Safe!



The foreman doesn't need to

The foreman doesn't need to be contacted because it not construction. The corner house is to blame and own both trucks. We asked owner to polite move but he was very mad.

Thank you for your clarifying

Thank you for your clarifying comment. The Police Dept. will address this complaint directly with the homeowner and conduct daily passing checks with a zero tolerance for violations.

I'm so glad that someone

I'm so glad that someone brought this up. There are a lot of families on the Ridge who have noticed this too. It's not construction. It's the house on the corner of Golden Aster Ct. There have been multiple families that have called the Police about this particular house and I've seen the police drive by, see two white trucks (one large one sticking out into the sidewalk) and another white truck parked in front of the fire hydrants and the police have done nothing. This really needs to be addressed because when you are pulling out of the court and there is a truck parked in front of the hydrant you can't see around the corner. The very large white truck is always sticking out into the sidewalk and causes a dangerous situation for our children who want to ride their bikes. They have to go into the street to get around this truck and into a blind corner into oncoming traffic. The city and the police need to address this. It has been going on for months and there have been a number of families who have complained but the person above is correct. The police do nothing. What are our tax payer dollars going to if our children's safety and the safety of our homes (blocking a fire hydrant is illegal) is in danger? Get it together police!

Thank you for the further

Thank you for the further information regarding this issue. It will help the City move forward towards a workable solution with the homeowner. It is the top priority of the Police Dept. and the City that the community is safe and therefore the Police are taking the situation very seriously. Once again, thank you for your comment.

I find it funny that Briabane

I find it funny that Briabane posted a notice about not blocking sidewalks with cars because when you call the police department OVER and OVER about illegally parked cars blocking BOTH fire hydrants and sidewalks, they do NOTHING!!!! Try going to Golden Aster Ct and looking at the illegally parked trucks in front of fire hydrants and sticking out into the sidewalks in the corner. It's ridiculous and the police department does absolutely nothing about this. Our families must walk into the street which is dangerous. Our kids have to ride their bikes in the street to get around these trucks. Brisbane, perhaps you should tackle this issue please???

Thank you for your comment;

Thank you for your comment; the Police and Public Works Dept. have both been notified. It sounds like this may be an issue with construction trucks at Landmark; the foreman will be asked to have the trucks moved, if that is the case. Therefore it never hurts for someone who sees something like this taking place to call it in (the Police haven't heard of any past complaints of trucks parking near red zones or blocking driveways on this street). That way, the Police can immediately dispatch an officer to conduct a passing of the area for these violations. The Police non-emergency number is (415) 467-1212. Once again, thank you alerting the City of this matter and know it is being handled.