Pedestrian Safety

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Recently, the Complete Streets Safety Committee rolled out the “Safe Pedestrian Routes to Schools” plan(click image to enlarge).  This was the result of a year-long project by the Complete Streets Safety Committee to study and identify routes and improvements that would provide for the safest and most direct conduits to and from the schools and central Brisbane.  The Committee's Plan was approved by the City Council on December 18, 2014.

A primary component to the success in establishing these routes is to ensure the unobstructed use of the sidewalks.  The committee noticed that due to Brisbane’s narrow streets, residents often parallel park their vehicles on a portion of the sidewalk.  In addition, many driveways in Brisbane are too small for vehicles, and as a result, large portions of the vehicle block the sidewalk.  These conditions are unsafe as they cause pedestrians to have to walk around the vehicles and into the street.

Blocking any portion of the sidewalk is a violation of California Vehicle Code 22500(f).  The Brisbane Police Department is committed to traffic safety and will be taking enforcement action for vehicles blocking the sidewalk starting in April.  Please assist us in our efforts by keeping the sidewalks clear.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance!


Yesterday I saw a woman

Yesterday I saw a woman walking on Tulare St. She was carrying a baby on her back and had two 4-5 year-old children walking alongside her. There are no sidewalks on Tulare Street. The woman, like everyone who has to walk on Tulare Street, was walking in the roadway. The street is winding with blind curves and drivers going the speed limit can easily come upon walkers quickly. The 25mph speed limit is too high for Tulare Street. It is too high for walkers and too high for drivers who do not have space to navigate without turning into driveways. I have brought this up before and the police have put a speed monitor on the street. The conclusion has been that most drivers are driving the speed limit. Therein lies the problem. The speed limit is too high for such a street. Drivers who are asked to slow down often, aggressively, state that they are driving the speed limit. I would like to see this issue reviewed again soon. Thanks