Leash Law Enforced

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At the January 13, 2014 City Council meeting, the Police Chief gave an overview of the City's Leash Law.  As a reminder, the Brisbane Police Department enforces leash law violations under the Brisbane Municipal Code, section 6.04.070 which states that no owner shall "allow an animal to be upon any public street, sidewalk, park, school ground, any public property, or upon any enclosed premises in this jurisdiction unless the animal is...under the control of the owner by...a substantial chain, lead rope, or leash, which chain, lead rope, or leash shall be continuously held by some competent person capable of controlling such animal."  Anyone violating this section of the City's Municipal Code will be issued a $100.00 administrative citation for the first offense, with much steeper fines for repeat offenses.  If you see anyone violating the City's Leash Law, please contact the Brisbane Police Department right away by calling (415) 467-1212 so that the officer can attempt to contain the dog, contact the owner, and when necessary, contact the Peninsula Humane Society for assistance.