PG&E Working in Brisbane

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This past Monday, August 18th, PG&E started working in Brisbane on their high voltage electric transmission towers.  You may have seen a helicopter being used to transport PG&E crews and equipment to the towers along Ridge Crest Trail in-between Guadalupe Canyon Parkway, Mission Blue, and Monarch Drive.  The helicopter will make multiple trips between the towers and the designated landing zone located on Valley Dr.  The work hours for this project are 8am - 5pm, with work scheduled to conclude on Friday, August 22nd.  PG&E trucks and equipment may also be visible in and around these areas.  All personnel are required to carry valid photo identification and are happy to provide it upon request.  If you have any questions about this project, please contact Bernardo Cortes, Jr., at 925-459-7306 during normal business hours or send an email to Thank you for your patience as this work is completed this week!