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Posted 8/7/2012

Brisbane Library
Baby Sign Language Class
Tuesdays, Aug. 14 - Sept., 25, 11 am - 12 pm
FREE CLASS, Register at the Library


Ride the Brisbane Shuttle

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Ever find yourself in the situation where you want to take care of business but may not have the wheels at-hand to be able to do so?  Well the Brisbane/Bayshore Senior Shuttle may solve that problem (and you don't have to be a Senior to ride).  Just hop aboard (you also don't need a shuttle pass to ride this community shuttle) and the driver of that shuttle, Grimaldo, will take you to Tanforan Shopping Center or even Serramonte Mall.  He'll even stop at some of the stores around Tanforan, such as Staples and Lucky, if requested. 

Pick-up times at the Brisbane Post Office stop (at Old County & San Francisco) are 10:15am, 12:15pm, and 2:15pm, Monday - Friday.  (The other shuttle stop in town is at the corner of San Benito and Sierra Point, with the pick-up times being generally a couple minutes later).  The Tanforan drop-off and pick-up location is the side entrance of Sears (near the Sears Auto Body Shop).  Pick-up times to return back to Brisbane are 11:30am, 1:30pm, and 3:15pm, Monday - Friday.  Riders are encouraged to give Grimaldo a call, so he's aware you'll be needing a ride.  He can be reached on his cell phone at (415) 740-9458.  Note: a Brisbane Shuttle Pass is required for the shuttles that run to BART and Caltrain.  If you don't yet have a pass, come down to the Finance Counter at City Hall with valid proof of residency, such as a water or PG&E bill, and you'll get set up to take advantage of all of the shuttles in town.  For more information about how to get places like the Balboa Park Bart Station or the Bayshore Caltrain station, please click here.

Playground Update Week 3

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Every week there is more visual progress being made on the Community Park Playground Replacement Project.  This past week, local contractor Mike Glynn was focused on what has been referred to as "Phase II" of the project, or where the swings will be installed.  A major part of that area is the 72 ft. long seat wall, which will feature 156 gold stars total, bearing the names of residents and businesses who generously donated towards the project.  The City is fortunate to have been able to work closely with the Mothers of Brisbane on the fundraising aspect of the project, with a grand total of $27,160.00 being raised!  That is more than $10,000 over the Mothers of Brisbane's original fundraising goal...and a testament of how much the Community supported the old playground being replaced.  With that, enjoy a few pictures from the week, which show concrete forms and rebar being installed at the straight part of the seat wall, the completed concrete form for the curvilinear seat wall, and Phase I being leveled after being filled with the appropriate amount of base rock. 

Next Tuesday, the concrete for the seat wall will be poured, with the stars themselves applied towards the middle of the month.  Stay tuned!

Data from FAA

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has agreed to provide the City of Brisbane with data detailing the aircraft that depart from San Francisco International Airport and that fly through a circle that the FAA has created for analytical and operational purposes, located over the City of Brisbane, as shown in the left-hand image. The circle has a diameter of 1 nautical mile.  The FAA’s objective is to avoid having aircraft penetrate the circle if possible given safety and other operational constraints. 

This data is provided to the City by the FAA to assist in understanding how well this objective is being achieved over time.  Thus, it is expected by Brisbane that the FAA will update this data regularly.  This page will be available for the public to view by clicking on "FAA Data" in the bottom footer found on each page of the website, under the "Connections" column.  Click here to be taken to the page now.

"Spirit of Sacramento"

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At their July 23rd meeting, the City Council approved the Charter Boat Agreement between the City and John Stahl for his operation of charters and events out of the Brisbane Marina through the Spirit of Sacramento. The 88' Paddlewheel river boat will reside between either the guest dock - for the boarding and disembarking of passengers, and the end-tie of Dock 2 - for mooring purposes.  The Spirit of Sacramento will be available for more than just charter boat trips, though spaces on-board are already being offered for the America's Cup Competition in late August and early October).  The spacious boat can also accommodate events such as weddings, birthdays, class reunions, corporate events, private parties, and dinner & dancing events.  Stay tuned for more information on an upcoming open house.  In the meantime, you can check out the website, for more details about Brisbane's newest way to enjoy the San Francisco Bay.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 8/4/2012

Brisbane Parks& Recreation Dept.   
Fall Programs, Classes, & Sports
Registration Opens Aug. 7

Posted 7/30/2012

In Loving Memory Of
Susan McCurry
Service Info: (415) 656-3045


Fall 2012 STAR Newsletter

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Click here to read the Fall 2012 STAR.

SPCA Trap Set

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Late Friday afternoon, the City was alerted of a tannish pit bull mix which had been spotted near Mission Blue Drive and Monach Blvd.  All conventional methods of containing the dog were attempted but were not unsuccessful.  Therefore, a trap is being set up right now by the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in that area in an attempt to rescue the dog and return it to its owner.  In order to have the SPCA's trap be as effective as possible, please do not disturb it.  Note: this dog does not appear to be human- or dog-aggressive and is content to be left alone.  But if you happen to spot it, please contact the Brisbane Dispatch Line at 467-1212 and ask to speak with any officer on duty.  Also, in order for the trap to be effective, please do not leave food out for the dog.  Thank you.

Worthy Opportunity

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"Baby Sign Language gives parents the opportunity to communicate with children long before babies can verbalize their wants and needs. Research studies show that signing with babies accelerates language acquisition, reduces frustration, enhances a child's self esteem, and deepens the bond between parent and child." 

It's true - while Baby Sign Language classes tend to be quite expensive and fill up very quickly around the Peninsula, the Friends of the Brisbane Library and Mothers of Brisbane are thrilled to provide a free seven week series right here in town at the Brisbane Library.

Learn signs from an instructor from the acclaimed and experienced Touch Blue Sky school and provide your baby the tools they need to express themself!

Space is limited and advance sign up is required - sign up in person at the Brisbane Library. Save money, stay local, and get to know a local group of parents who can help practice and reinforce the lessons long after the classes have concluded. For additional information, please contact Carine Risley,

When? 11:00am - noon Tuesdays beginning August 14th through September 25th at the Brisbane Library (250 Visitacion Avenue). Weekly themes include mealtime, animals, colors, family, bedtime, and more!

NB Sierra Point Pkwy Ramp

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The Northbound off-ramp to Sierra Point Parkway will be closed between 7am - 5p Tuesday, July 31st, due to the installation of ramp metering equipment.  Traffic will be detoured off 101 northbound at the off-ramp to Bayshore Boulevard, to northbound Bayshore Boulevard, to northbound Tunnel Avenue, to eastbound Lagoon Road, to southbound Sierra Point Parkway.  This closure will facilitate completion of the ramp metering work, while special equipment needed for work on the elevated portion of the ramp is still on-site.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.