Jess C. Salmon 1925 - 2014

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Early this morning, Brisbane lost its last surviving Founding Father.  Jess C. Salmon was one of Brisbane's five original City Council Members elected on September 12, 1961 to serve the community.  The City became a General Law City soon after on November 27, 1961.  Brisbane would not be the community it is today with its small-town feel had it not been for people like Jess who fought hard to protect the City's natural resources, while also ensuring its fiscal health.  This is evident in the documentary, "No Deposit, No Return" (1965), that was produced by KRON-TV when Jess served as the City's Mayor.  In February 2013, when the Open Space & Ecology Committee aired the short film for the community, Jess was right there seated in the front row.  In the film, Jess' love for Brisbane and San Bruno Mountain which encircles it, are clearly seen.  Similar sentiments were expressed by current Council Member and former Mayor Ray Miller and his wife Anya, former Council Member and Mayor.

"I was greatly saddened by the news that Jess Salmon, the last surviving member of Brisbane's first City Council, had died.  My wife and I have known Jess since the 1960s.  He was truly a founding father.  Because of his intelligence, diligence, organizational smarts and incredible dedication, he was probably the most influential architect of the basic structure, laws, and community orientation of Brisbane's city government.  He fought strenuously to generate the revenue that Brisbane needed to survive, to protect it from the encroachments of the County and avaricious developers, and to preserve our special community and the natural mountain environment with which Brisbane is blessed.  Everyone who has enjoyed living in Brisbane owes Jess Salmon a big debt of gratitude."

Jess C. Salmon
1925 - 2014
Beloved Founding Father


A Memorial service is planned for Saturday, August 16th at 10:30am at Mission Blue Center (475 Mission Blue Drive, Brisbane).


Jess was a nice man -- didn't

Jess was a nice man -- didn't know him well, but remember speaking with him on numerous occasions while he was out walking his Golden Retreiver(s) over the years, driving his silver Mustang convertible around town with the top down on a sunny day, and seeing him in his red Ranchero yearly during the traditional Christams morning Brisbane/Lions Club parade. He called me a 'young buck' when I was 40, (loved it), but guess I'm catching up...:-)

Sorry for the loss to the

Sorry for the loss to the Salmon family Jess will be missed

Brisbane is fortunate to have

Brisbane is fortunate to have had a man like Jess give so much of himself to the city. He was a friend and neighbor. He will be missed.

so sorry to hear about jess,

so sorry to hear about jess, he was a great guy.