Crocker Park is 91+% Filled

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Taking a drive down Valley Dr., or the “spine” of Crocker Industrial Park, it may appear from the scattered For Lease signs that there are a lot of buildings sitting empty.  But in speaking with folks who have a good pulse on the commercial realty market, like Jason Cranston, Senior VP of Commercial Real Estate Services for Cassidy Turley and Mitch Bull, President of the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, Crocker Park is actually doing quite well with more businesses moving in than leaving in the past couple years.  Here are a few examples of movement in the Park that has helped the occupancy rate increase to what it is: Del Monte Meat Co. has moved in at 145 South Hill Drive as well as circuit board manufacturers, LeeMah Electronics, right next door.  The 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse 100 Cypress which the Brisbane School District used a few years back as the site for their biggest fundraiser of the year, Spring Thing, will soon be leased to Bay Area LinensArrowhead/Nestlé Waters moved in to the space at 246 Valley and Monster Cable, located at 455 Valley, has renewed their lease.  If you’ve noticed more of those white, AT&T vans driving around town, that’s because AT&T moved a service center into 355 Valley las year after signing a five-year lease. 

As for the locations with large For Sale or For Lease signs, the old Gilmore Envelope building at 325 Valley recently went up for sale, as engineering firm F.W. Spencer & Son, Inc. (located at 99 S. Hill), last summer completed prefabricating the plumbing lines for the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara in that space (see photo at left).  A huge Colliers sign is advertising 165 as being for sale, but in the interim it is being occupied by its owners.  Nearly across the street at 200 Valley, which are where 56 business condos are located, two are being listed for sale.  Lastly 280 Valley, 460 Valley and 480 are vacant, but they total less than 54,000 sq. ft.  So for the nearly 3.7M sq. ft. in Crocker Industrial Park, where 91+% is currently being occupied, the Park’s doing pretty darn well!



Hi Dolores, Thank you for

Hi Dolores, Thank you for your comment. We may not be the best source for sample sales taking place in Crocker Park, but that said, there are a couple businesses that have their doors open to the public on a regular basis during the week! Lettieri & Co., importer of Italian, European and South American specialty foods and wine is located at 120 Park Lane and have a small retail store on-site. Also, Integrated Resources, the largest, most diverse stone supplier in the Bay Area has a showroom open during the weekdays and part of Saturday. They can be found at 275 Valley Dr.

Years ago some of the Crocker

Years ago some of the Crocker business firms used to open their warehouse to Brisbane residents now and then. It was great as we got to know what businesses were there and what they dealt with. If any business has excess items and they want to let residents know, I'm sure residents would respond. I remember the paper products,imported foods (and of course Arthur Court) are some. Any opening/sale could be put on the "city news."