Sunday Farmers' Market

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Update: June 12, 11:25am - Food truck J-shack, which specializes in Japanese-style sweet and savory crepes, will be at the market on June 22nd!

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At their May 5th meeting, the City Council gave Market Manager for West Coast Farmers Market Association, Jerry Lami, direction to start a weekend market in Brisbane.  Jerry chose Sunday morning as the day for the market, so there would be a wider gap in days between Thursday’s market and the new weekend market.  The location for the Sunday market will be the same as Thursday’s market, in the Community Park (11 Old County Rd., Brisbane), with farmers parking their trucks in City Hall’s parking lot to ensure plenty of parking on San Francisco Ave. for visitors to the Park and those renting any of the picnic tables.  Speaking of farmers, check out the list of vendors who will be at this Sunday's market:

  • Cipponeri Farms
  • Sunrise Farms
  • EGB Farms
  • Cobblestone Bakery
  • Lee Farms
  • Pete Davis Honey
  • Medina Berries 
  • Bountiful Basket Vinegars

In addition, Brisbane resident Jennifer Bousquet will be manning a table letting all the families know about Hulafrog - an online daily event calendar of fun things to do with your kids in our local area.  She'll have froggy coloring sheets and crayons, free Hulafrog trading cards, lollipops, and some more information about the resource.

So, come and check out the new weekend market starting on Sunday, June 8th!  Also, Like West Coast Farmers Market Association on Facebook and get updates about what will be taking place at the farmers' market on Sundays!  Thanks and happy market shopping!


Hi! Are any of the Sunday

Are any of the Sunday vendors selling organic vegetables? I was a little disappointed to see limited veggies last week.

Hi Anjana, yes there are at

Hi Anjana, yes there are at least 2 organic vegetable stands who will be at the Sunday market. The first week of the Sunday market, they unfortunately both weren't able to make it.

I was hoping that Mr Lami

I was hoping that Mr Lami could entice the orchid person to visit the market every month, six weeks or now and then. They were so lovely and lasted much better (at least three or four weeks!) than a bouquet of flowers. They are great gifts and bring beauty to one's home....I hope Mr. Lami gets this message

Thanks for your comment! It

Thanks for your comment! It will be passed along right now. If he's successful, we'll be sure to inform the community.