Weekend Farmers' Market

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UPDATE 5/20 - Help spread the word!

UPDATE 5/16 - Council has given approval for a weekend market to start, and the market manager has chosen to have the weekend market take place on Sundays, from 9am - 1pm, with the kickoff being on June 8th.  A location in downtown Brisbane is still being determined.  Stay tuned...

In the April CityNews publication that is arriving in your mailboxes, along with a Wednesday e-mail blast about the market, there was mention about West Coast Farmers Market Association starting a Saturday farmers' market beginning on May 10th on the first block of Park Lane (see above image).  That market will be held off until a determination is made at the May 5th City Council meeting, which, if direction to move forward with a Saturday market is given, the earliest the market would start would be May 24th due to permits needing to be pulled by the Health Department.  We apologize for any confusion.  If you have thoughts about a Saturday morning market starting in Brisbane, please leave a comment below or come to the Council meeting and let the Council and market manager hear your thoughts.  Thank you!


I think a Saturday farmers

I think a Saturday farmers market in Brisbane makes a lot more sense than having it on Thursday afternoons. A lot of working residents would rather go home after work first before visiting the market. By then, most would not even feel like leaving the house again! I definitely vote for a weekend farmers market in Brisbane. Thanks.

Our Thurs. afternoon market

Our Thurs. afternoon market has slowly lost vendors partially due to the winds that come during that time of day as well as for many working residents the market is closing by the time they return home from work.

I think a Saturday market might be more sustainable but I'd like to see us focus on sustaining one market in town rather than two.

I'd love to promote the market as far north as visitation ave area in SF to drive traffic here as their closest farmers market is bernal.

We have a small community, I'd love two markets but without promotion we can barely sustain one.

I would love a Saturday

I would love a Saturday morning farmer's market since many weeks I don't come home from work on a Thursday until after it is over.