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Mayor’s Art Achievement Award

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The Eighth Annual Mayor’s Achievement Award for Recognition in the Arts is scheduled again for this spring and will be presented at a springtime City Council meeting.  Artists who reside or work in the City of Brisbane and who have achieved the required recognition are invited to apply.

The purpose of the program is to first honor Brisbane residents who have achieved recognition through the exhibition, performance or publication of their works of Art.  It also allows the community to understand the rich diversity and depth of talent that surrounds us.

Visual Artists are required to have been included in five exhibitions.  Performing Artists must have performed in five different venues or productions. Literary Artists are required to have five publications of their short literary work published in reviews, journals, magazines or newspapers, to have had a play or screenplay produced, or to have published a novel or book of poetry.

Applications and additional information regarding qualifications for nomination are available at the Brisbane City Manager’s Office in City Hall, 50 Park Place, or by calling Wendy Ricks at 415-508-2114 or e-mailing her at

Live at Mission Blue

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Tickets for the upcoming season are now available on line at or in the City Manager’s Office at City Hall.  For their 7th season, the Friends of the Brisbane Library are pleased to offer three concerts featuring outstanding artists.  The season opens with the return of the women’s vocal ensemble Kitka, a favorite of our audience. The next concert features the return of early keyboard specialist Ron McKean.  Ron performed here two years ago and has made a recording of his improvisations at Mission Blue Center, which will be released prior to his appearance at Live at Mission Blue. 

And finally, the Friends of the Library are very excited to present Camerata Capistrano.  The Series Artist Director, Kevin Fryer, heard this ensemble for the first time this last June at the Berkeley Early Music Festival and was thrilled by their youthful energy and virtuosic intensity.  Ticket prices are $20 for Adults and $15 for Students and Seniors. Series Tickets run $50 and $35 respectively.  All proceeds beyond the cost to produce the series are donated to the Brisbane Library.  Come support your community.  You’ll be glad you did.

Artists' Evening of Sharing

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Calling all Artists!  The Eighth Annual Artists’ Evening of Sharing with Brisbane Artists is calling for entries!  This year’s event will be held Saturday, February 5, 2011.  Artists of all varieties have an opportunity to share their talents with the Brisbane Community during an evening of inspiration and enchantment.  Each artist will present a short slide show, video or performance of music, dance, theatre or spoken word.  The deadline to enter is January 10th, 2011.  Presenters will not be officially entered until you have provided your name, address, phone number and cell phone number, email address, a short description of your presentation, all technical requests, and a bio of 150 words or less to Beth Grossman at

When Artists get together, anything is possible.


New Addition to Dog Park

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Thanks to the efforts of a number of folks, the colorful train that has long been a favorite climbing apparatus at the Solano St Play Area is now a permanent part of the Dog Park.  After hearing that City staff was to remove the train from the play area due to safety concerns, PB&R Commissioner Renee Marmion suggested hanging on to it and relocate for preservation purposes.  Interest grew in this idea so the Commission reviewed several sites on City property, eventually choosing the Dog Park.
Commissioner Cris Hart then took the installation lead and, working with City Public Works staff, refurbished the 5 pieces.  He completed the project by installing them to the fence near the Park Lane end of the Dog Park.  He stated that several dogs have already "initiated" the new additions to their area.
Take a look at the Dog Park's newest decorative addition when you get a chance. A very special thanks to those that thought outside the box and were able to preserve this little piece of Brisbane history for all, dogs included, to enjoy!

Airport Noise - Complain Now!

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Airport Noise - Complain Now!
Call (650) 821-4736

Winter Camp Registration

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Brisbane Parks and Recreation Department
Winter Camp Registration
Space still available
Information: 508-2140

Monsters in Crocker Park

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No, those aren't the Ghostbusters you see up there, but...they ARE Monsters.  That is, employees of Monster Cable Products, Inc. in Brisbane.  On September 21st, a group of 20 Monster employees descended upon Crocker Park Recreation Trail (CPRT) to help clean up debris along the trail.  Splitting into two teams, they started at opposite ends and eventually met in the middle -- filling up 3 trash bags.

Thank you, dear Monsters, for your efforts in helping keep Crocker Park Recreation Trail a great amenity for everyone in Brisbane, residents and employees alike.  We truly appreciate all your hard work!

Firefighters are Back!

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Last Friday, November 12th, Brisbane Firefighters spent their first evening back in Brisbane.  For the last 2 months, they had been spending evenings in Daly City at Station 93 (464 Martin St.) after severe mold was discovered at Station 81 -- click here to read more on our old blog site.  Now, the all firefighting crews will be staying in the semi-permanent trailers that can be seen just outside the Fire Station when you're driving along Bayshore. 

Today, the firefighters had a special delivery -- their lockers!  And it was no big deal that the delivery man didn't have a ramp to unload them from his truck.  With 3 firefighters -- Capt. John Murphy and Firefighters Craig Briscoe and Aaron Sorani -- the job got done.  From unloading the 200 lbs. lockers, to getting them on the dolly and up the ramp and through the small entryway of the trailer, these guys make it look easy.

And with most things, you learn as you do.  The second time up, the guys used the floor mat to drag the lockers through the doorway.

They asked for the palettes (pictured below in the foreground) that the lockers were delivered on -- one of the firefighters thought they would make for good shelves to use in the lockers!  Smart thinking.

And lastly, a peak inside their trailers -- featuring the most important room of them all -- the kitchen.

We're glad you guys are back in town, and within the expected time period!