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City Council Member Richardson

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Brisbane City Council Member Sepi Richardson Retires from the City

Brisbane, CA – December 29, 2012 – After serving for fifteen years on the Brisbane City Council, Sepi has decided to retire from elected office.  She is well-known throughout San Mateo County, having served on nearly 20 various County Boards and Commissions, including the Airport Community Roundtable, Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG) where she was an Executive Board Member on each, and served as either Chair or Vice Chair on four committees within these Associations. 

By serving  in all these committees, Sepi was able to largely influence the outcome of issues relating to: California League of Cities, Association of Bay Area Governments, Finance (revenue & taxation, fund development), labor relations and human resources (employee compensation, evaluation, benefit administration, hearings over discipline and suspensions), Criminal Justice Council, CalTrain Modernization Group, Peninsula Coalition of CalTrain and High Speed Rail Policy Making Group, Bay Area water supply, transportation (planning, traffic congestion relief, air quality, energy efficiency, Caltrain, High Speed Rail, and SamTrans), housing, economic development, legislation and policy, San Francisco Airport noise and land use, climate protection and air quality management (sustainability, green ordinance, green technology and programs, energy strategy development, electric vehicle readiness), regional planning (growing smart together, FOCUS, preferred land use scenario, transportation investment strategy, SCS Plan Bay Area, storm drain & pollution), insurance & risk management, Bay Area trails & bike paths, SF Estuary and Bay protection, lobbying, earthquake and hazard programs (emergency preparedness, Bay Area resilience, schools and business readiness), land use formation and service reviews, library systems, performing arts and artists support, and last but not least, our K-12 education system.  Her influences had no geographical boundaries.  Her services included Brisbane, San Mateo and other nine Bay Area counties including the President of the Council of Cities, and all throughout the State.

In addition to her Countywide duties, Sepi was extremely active within the Brisbane Community.  Her past and present service on city committees include: Finance/Labor Negotiations, Public Information/Technology, Liaison to the Chamber of Commerce, Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission, Open Space and Ecology Committee, schools and transportation funding, arts and artist recognition awards, transportation and housing (including low and moderate), recruitment (City Manager, City Attorney), policy advisory, city facilities, library JPA, and community emergency volunteers (CERT).  How she made herself available to serve in such a broad capacity can be seen as a feat in itself, but that is an area where Sepi excelled.  She made it a point to ensure Brisbane was always well represented, and that people were aware of the efforts, priorities, and accomplishments in her small town.

Sepi served Brisbane Community twice as Mayor.  During her years, she presided over numerous City Council Meetings, public events, and hearings.  She was actively involved in all aspects of planning and policy-level decisions including the ribbon cuttings of some of Brisbane's major construction and remodeling projects such as the Community Center, Community Park and Playground, Brisbane's Marina, Skate Park, Teen Center, Mission Blue Performing Art Center, Place-making and CEQA public workshops, EIR consultant selection, Sierra Point Design Guidelines and improvement of the public and recreational spaces, Senior Sunrise Room and senior housing, acquisition of lands for open space preservation, community garden, Community Swimming Pool, school fields, Bayshore Bus Station remodeling, Bayshore bike lane, Quarry Road Trail, seismic retrofit of Tunnel Ave. Bridge, and City Hall and Community Meeting Room, and first time ever Brisbane Farmers’ Market.  She passionately cared for the financial health and welfare of the City and its residents, particularly the children and the seniors.  At each of these community events, Sepi’s interpersonal skills shined through.  She took every opportunity she could to tell the Community, fellow Council Members, and city staff how thankful and blessed she was to live in this community and to be able to serve its citizens.  And we, Sepi, are forever indebted to you for your tireless spirit, great energy, and passion for serving others.  Many congratulations to you on your retirement!

City Council will be considering options for filling this seat at an upcoming meeting in January.


Caroline Cheung
Administrative Management Analyst
(415) 508-2157

For a PDF version of the press release, please click here.

Signboard Posting

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Posted 1/4/2013

Brisbane Parks and Recreation Dept.
Tai Chi Classes
Mondays, 6:30 - 8 pm, Mission Blue Center
Starts this Monday, New Instructor!


Signboard Postings

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Posted 12/31/2012

New Year

Posted 12/26/2012

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Youth Baseball Sign Ups
Resident Only Reg. Starts Jan. 2nd
5 - 10 yrs old, Info: (415) 508-2144

West Coast Farmer's Market
Closed this Thursday, Dec. 27
Returns next Thursday, Jan 3rd

Posted 12/24/2012

Happy Holidays!

Teen Extravaganzafest

Playground Ribbon-Cutting

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Saturday morning, December 15, 2012, will be remembered as a very happy day in it marks the day that Brisbane finally got its new playground!  A project that has been in the works for the past 5 years, and picking up remarkable steam in 2012 thanks to the involvement of the Mothers of Brisbane with staff, along with the Playground Design Subcommittee of Commissioners Marmion and Bologoff, and of course, the Brisbane City Council who ultimately approved the project at their meeting of May 7, 2012.

For a playground which consisted of two phases - the expansion of the existing playbox and the build-out of a portion of the grassy area for the new, 3-bay swing set, funding was a major component for the project advancing forward.  The total project cost ended up being approximately $229,000.  Sixty-nine percent, or $158,000 of that was covered by Seton Medical Center Foundation, thanks to The Kennedy Trust, a fund which Frank and Mae Walch assumed custody over when Frank was on the Seton Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors.  Frank and Mae Walch were former Brisbane residents, and therefore ensured that what came to be known as the Brisbane Community Fund restricted account was only used on items that promoted health-related programs for the citizens of Brisbane.  A proposal to use the remaining funds on a new community playground was approved by the Foundation's Board of Directors.

The next largest funding "bucket" is due to the efforts of Mothers of Brisbane 2012 Fundraising Chair Jennifer Bousquet and Founding Member, Jessica Aloft. Together they made presentations to the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, wrote letters to Brisbane businesses, and tirelessly reached out to community members about buying a gold donor star.  In total, $33,400 was raised as a result of their efforts!

Next, the State Recycling Grant monies that the City had remaining, $23,156.56, was allocated for the playground.  This was done after verifying with the manufacturer that the plastic parts of the playground were made from recycled plastic, qualifying the usage of these funds.

The City also allocated it's Dedicated Park In-Lieu Fees account, totaling $25,899.63, to the playground.  Only $14,443.44 needed to be used from that account to cover the total cost of the playground project.  Therefore, approximately $11,000 is remaining for application towards the next project that takes place in town.  And we can't wait to get started!  But in the meantime, enjoy the photos from last Saturday's Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony; the smiles on those little faces indicate that this playground was one that was worth waiting for!

Administrative Management Analyst Caroline Cheung, who worked on the project in close conjunction with City Engineer Randy Breault and Administrative Services Director Stuart Schillinger, welcomed everyone that came out for the event.

Mayor Cliff Lentz gave the offical Thank You's to so all the hands that enabled the playground to become a reality - from the Brisbane Lions Club, local contractor Mike Glynn and Kessel Crockett, the Mothers of Brisbane, Ken Bousquet, former Parks and Recreation Director Jim Skeels, the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce, Seton Medical Center Foundation, and the Public Works Dept.

Tina Ahn, Vice President of Development for Seton Medical Center Foundation, and Sister William Eileen Dunn (Seton Medical Center Foundation is a member of the Daughters of Charity Health System) listen to the Mayor's remarks along with Police Chief Lisa Macias, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Cris Hart (second row), and Brisbane Lions Club Past President Ernie Filippo.

Next, it was a suprise Volunteer of the Year ceremony!  Jessica Aloft, longtime volunteer in the Community, was awarded as the 2012 Volunteer of the Year for her creation of the "Tiny Tots" play gym program, "Music with Andrew" program for young children, seeing a need for a support system for new moms in town which led to the founding of the Mothers of Brisbane, and of course, helping guide the playground project along through all the various steps of the public process.  Congratulations, Jessica! 

Next up, it was time to play and break in Brisbane's newest playground!

Lastly, a group shot of Mayor Lentz with the Mothers of Brisbane, all of whom couldn't have been more pleased on that day.

Police Action at the 23 Club

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Please click here to read a press release that was put out today by the Brisbane Police Department.  Thank you to our local citizens, for their concern and phone call to the Police Chief Macias when this issue first came to light in the community. 

Council Reorganization

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Last night, Raymond C. Miller was sworn in as the City's Mayor for the 2013 calendar year, with Sepi Richardson sworn in as Mayor Pro Tem.  This is not Ray's first time taking the Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance for Public Officers, however, but his fourth.  Please click here to read remarks by Mayor Miller, which he made after his installation.

City Clerk Sheri Spediacci swearing in Ray.

Sepi being sworn in by Pastor Steve Tregenza.

The reorganized Council then took their respective seats on the dais.

Mayor Miller presented Cliff with the following Proclamation, adding his own personal remarks about the abilities he observed about Cliff during his mayorship.  Most notably, his ability to have so many people feel comfortable enough to come and speak at Council meetings.



WHEREAS, Clifford R. Lentz served as the Mayor of the City of Brisbane from December 5, 2011 to December 17th of 2012; and 

Whereas, during his year as Mayor he presided over many City Council meetings and public events; and 

WHEREAS, his dedication to and passion for the City and community of Brisbane and its residents was apparent in all that he did; and 

WHEREAS, of special interest to him was the long-term fiscal health of the City, the development of an Economic Development Action Plan, the improvement of public space and recreational value at Sierra Point through the update of the Sierra Point Design Guidelines, and the formulation of Sustainability Goals for the Baylands; and 

WHEREAS, he was also very committed to a project which he coordinated with Rebuilding Together Peninsula and with many community volunteers to refurbish the inside of the Brisbane Community Center and to re-design and landscape the park behind the Center and Library; and 

WHEREAS, other important projects were completed during his tenure as Mayor such as the new Community Park Playground, and the first-time-ever Brisbane Farmers' Market on Thursdays in the Community Park; and,  

WHEREAS, he also gave many hours of his time by serving on several Council Subcommittees dealing with subjects such as Finance, Low and Moderate Income Housing, the Arts, Schools, Economic Development, Baylands Sustainability, the Baylands EIR Consultant Selection, Sierra Point Design Guidelines, and Council Liaison to the Open Space and Ecology Committee and the Planning Commission; and 

WHEREAS, he represented the City on regional boards such as the Association of Bay Area Governments, the League of California Cities, the San Mateo County Policy Advisory Committee for the Regional Housing Numbers Allocation, the San Mateo County Council of Cities, and the Housing Endowment and Regional Trust (HEART)Board; and 

Now, therefore be it resolved, that after a year of dedicated service as Mayor of the City of Brisbane and after giving so generously of his time to represent the City in so many ways, we thank him for his dedication in making the City of Brisbane a better place to live. 

Dated this 17th day of December, 2012.

     Raymond C. Miller, Mayor Pro Tem                              W. Clarke Conway, Councilmember

     Terry O’Connell, Councilmember                                    Sepi Richardson, Councilmember

Thank you, Cliff, for serving the Brisbane Community so well in the past year.  We know you'll be just as involved in the new year as you were this one!

Catch a replay of the Council Reorganization Meeting by clicking here to be taken to the December 17, 2012 meeting page.

Playground Final Touches

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Remember all the sand that was at the former play structure?  Well thanks to Public Works, a portion of it has been brought back to use in the sand pit area.  So, kids will soon have the ability to dig, build, and play in the sand once again.  FYI, the new green jug filler located in the sand area should be used for sand and water play...not the drinking fountains anymore.  The landscaping company the city contracts with will be blowing all the fallen leaves away from the play structure, so that it looks its best for its grand debut.  Staff will be on-hand tomorrow to make sure the playground is wiped down from the morning dew and that spiral slide doesn't have a puddle at the end of it!  We look forward to the playground finally being dedicated to the Community - join Mayor Lentz and all the other playground supporters for this splendid occasion - coffee, pastris, and donuts will be on-hand.

2012 Festival of Lights

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The skies remained dry for the latter half of Sunday, December 2nd.  It's been a tradition for the past 26 years to host the City's annual Festival of Lights on the first Sunday in December.  Holiday carolers make their way down Visitacion Ave. towards the Community Park, Santa makes a stop in town to light the Festival Tree, and performances by Brisbane's talented youth entertain the many that have come to watch the festivities along San Francisco St.  It really is a unique celebration, and one which Brisbane resident Christina Florkowski photographed, so that we can all remember the special feeling we felt that night when the Community came together.  Thank you, Christina, for capturing these fabulous shots for all of us to enjoy.