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High School Bus

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On June 20th, 2016 the City informed the Brisbane community that it had recently received notification from CYO (the provider of bus service from Brisbane to Terra Nova and Oceana High Schools) that it will not be able to provide service in the upcoming school year.  City staff researched alternatives and presented options to City Council on Thursday, June 30.  Council directed staff to enter into contract with an alternative vendor to continue service for the 2016-2017 school year.  SF Metro Trans ( will be providing continued service to and from these school for Brisbane students starting on August 10th. The school bus pick up and drop off site will be at City Hall, 50 Park Place. Daily pickup time will be 7:00am ensuring students arrival at school well before the first bell.  During the first two weeks of school, transportation will be free for all students. During that time period, the district will compile a list of bus riders, issue bus ID cards, and collect ridership fees. Effective August 29, 2016, students who have not yet paid their fee will be excluded from riding the bus.  Please contact Recreation Coordinator, Ricardo Monroy, at with questions.

Signboard Postings

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Galeria DeGuzman Presents….

A Dedication to Shelly Titchener

Art by Leslie Lowinger

Thurs., July 28, 6:30-9:30pm, 245 Visitacion


Concerts in the Park

Pop Fiction

Party Band Playing 70’s through 2000’s

Fri., July 29, 6:00-8:30pm, Comm. Park


Airport Noise Workshop

Monday, August 1st at 6:00pm

City Hall, Community Meeting Room


Play Soccer in Brisbane 

Register online @

Region #1344




August 2016 Marina News

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Click here to read the August 2016 Marina Newsletter

Climate Fact #29

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Tthe Open Space and Ecology Committee is endeavoring to provide the community with one climate fact each week. These facts are to call community awareness to global warming impacts as a measure of the Climate Action Plan of the City of Brisbane.

is endeavoring to provide to the community one climate fact each week.  These facts are to call community awareness to global warming impacts as a measure - See more at: facts are to call community awareness to global warming impacts as a measure of the City's Climate Action Plan.

For further reading:






Aircraft Overflight and Noise Analysis

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Aircraft Noise Abatement Office: Aircraft Overflight and Noise Analysis of Brisbane, CA

In response to growing community concerns of increased aircraft noise in the city of Brisbane, San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Noise Abatement Office conducted a 22 day noise measurement survey at three locations throughout the city to determine the noise levels from aircraft overflights. Noise data was collected from October 28, 2010 through November 18, 2010 at 3xx Kings Road, 2 Solano Street and 475 Mission Blue Drive. Data from these temporary meters along with data from permanent noise monitor #7- located at Margaret Tank are presented in this report.

Review of historical radar data from 2000 through November 2010 was also accomplished using SFO’s Airport Noise and Operations Management System (ANOMS). Seven typical West Plan1 days were identified during the busiest traffic times for March, June, September and November for each of the 11 calendar years. Both Oakland International Airport (OAK) and SFO operations for these identified days2 were then processed through three flight track analysis gates (Brisbane1, Brisbane2, and Brisbane3) in ANOMS. All aircraft operations through these gates were analyzed and presented in this report.

View the Report here or Visit our FAA Data page.

Water Bill Changes

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Water Bill Changes Are Coming!

Beginning September 2016, your City of Brisbane Water and Sewer Utility Bill will look different.

10th Annual Derby

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The time has come... Brisbane's annual "claim to fame" event is right around the corner!  The Derby races will take place this year on Saturday, September 24th and will start at 8:00am (prior to the Day in the Park festival).  We invite all kids (ages 6-14) to submit their application to participate in this year's 10th Annual Derby! Trophies will be awarded to all racers and winners announced following the Derby at Noon in the Community Park.

All riders must submit an application to participate.  Click here for the 2016 Brisbane Derby Application.  Application forms are due by Thursday, September 15th to the Parks and Recreation Office located at 50 Park Place, or e-mailed to Steve Beaty at Derby kits are available for purchase ($25.00) and pick-up at the Parks and Recreation Office at City Hall.  Please call Steve at (415) 508-2144 if you have any questions or need more information.  

NEW Build-Your-Own Derby Car Workshops! 
One of the goals of the annual Brisbane Derby is to have families work together on building and racing their own derby cars. We recognize that the task of building a derby car may be daunting to some and we don’t want that to restrict participation. Therefore, we will be hosting three workshops to aid you in the construction process. Local handyman extraordinaire Dan “Can Do” Sorrentino to the rescue! Dan will not be building your derby car for you, but rather he will have power saws, hammers, and other necessary tools available for parents and kids to use. He will provide advice, support, and direction while you build your own derby car. Come on out and make this a family event! Pre-registration is required. For more information, or to register, contact Steve Beaty at 415-508-2144. 
Fee: $25 for derby car kit & workshop | Location: Teen Center Shed, 22 San Bruno Avenue, Brisbane
Dates: Saturdays, August 20, 27, & September 10 | Times: 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Derby practices will be held on San Francisco Street on Saturday, September 10th and Saturday, September 17th from 9:00am-Noon to help riders prepare for the big race! 


For any questions about the Brisbane Derby, please contact Steve Beaty at (415) 508-2144 or For any questions about the Day in the Park Event, please click here or contact Noreen Leek at (415) 508-2141 or  



30th Annual Day in the Park

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Mark your calendars!  The 2016 Day in the Park Festival will take place on Saturday, September 24th from 10:00am-3:00pm with the Derby starting beforehand at 8:00am.  This year marks the 30th Annual Day in the Park and the 10th Annual Derby!  

The Parks & Recreation Department is hopeful that the commemorative nature of this year’s event will excite the community and encourage record attendance.  Promising a fresh spin on the event, this year's festivities will include the following:

  • An improved layout with vendors lining Old County Road,
  • Live music for all to enjoy,
  • Beer/Wine for the adults,
  • Festive community-building events such as a dog costume contest and pie-eating contest,
  • A walk down memory lane to celebrate and honor the history and evolution of the past 3 decades,
  • Activities for teens,
  • and New attractions and entertainment for the kids. 

The event's new layout will open up the park for attendees to bring a blanket, and have a picnic while enjoying all that the event has to offer.  We’re very excited about the potential for this year’s event and we hope you are too! 

If you are interested in having a booth, please see the associated applications and information below.  We welcome Community Organizations, Arts & Crafts Vendors, and local Commercial Businesses to participate. 

Community Groups
As we’ve done in the past, we are encouraging local community groups and non-profit organizations to be involved.  If your organization would like to participate in this year's event, please complete the Community Group Application and return it to the Parks & Recreation department at your earliest convenience.  All applications must be returned by September 1st in order to guarantee placement at this year’s event.  

Arts & Crafts Vendors
We welcome local artists to attend to showcase and sell their work.  If you are interested in becoming an Arts & Crafts vendor, please take a few moments to complete the Arts & Crafts Application and return it to the Parks & Recreation department at your earliest convenience along with 3 images of your work. All applications must be returned by September 9th in order to be considered for this year’s event. In an effort to keep the quality of items being sold high, as well as avoid duplication and saturation in item categories, and also to allow for new sellers to support us in keeping the festival fresh for shoppers, we will be implementing a selection process for arts & crafts fair applicants.  There are a limited number of booths available so apply early!  Applicants will be notified of their acceptance no later than September 16th.  Please do not submit your application with payment until you have been confirmed as accepted by Parks & Recreation department staff.  All payments ($50) must be submitted by September 20th and any refunds/cancellation requests will not be honored after that date.  Please note: all products sold at the event may not be imported, manufactured, mass marketed or mass produced.

Commercial Businesses
We are inviting local commercial businesses to have a presence at the event and encouraging their involvement.  If your business would like to participate, please take a few moments to complete the Commercial Vendor Application and return it to the Parks & Recreation department at your earliest convenience.  All applications must be returned by September 1st in order to be considered for this year’s event. Please note: we have a very limited number of spaces for commercial vendors so submit your application early to increase your chances!  The fee for commercial businesses is $50 and no refunds for cancellations will be provided after September 15th, 2016.  Refund requests before that date must be received in writing to be honored. 


For any questions about the Day in the Park Event, please contact Noreen Leek at (415) 508-2141 or .  For any questions about the Brisbane Derby, please click here or contact Steve Beaty at (415) 508-2144 or


Airport Noise Workshop

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The Mayor will be holding a mini-workshop for the community with Bert Ganoung from the SFO Noise Abatement Office and Kathleen Wentworth from Congresswoman Jackie Speier's office on Monday, Aug 1st at 6 PM at City Hall.  The focus of the workshop will be to evaluate the various suggestions that the Roundtable will make to the FAA regarding modifications to existing flight procedures that effect the northern part of the peninsula.  There will handouts for each procedure, so that the public can easily identify what are the problems and what might be potential solutions. This workshop will help the Mayor make a presentation to the Airport Noise Roundtable expressing Brisbane's thoughts at the Roundtable's meeting on Wednesday, Aug 3rd.



Signboard Postings

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Posted 7/21/2016
Concerts in the Park
The Refugees
Fri., July 22, 6:00-8:30pm, Comm. Park

City of Brisbane
Habitat Restoration Day
at Sierra Point Canyon
Sat., July 23rd, 9am - 1pm
Info/RSVP: 415-508-2118

Club Rec Summer Camp
Lego Camp - July 25-29
Spaces Still Available
Info 415-508-2144
Brisbane Parks and Recreation Dept.
Baseball/Softball Camp
July 25-July 29, 9am - 3pm
Info:  415-508-2144
Baylands Public Hearing
Thurs., July 28th, 7:30pm
City Hall, 50 Park Pl.
Brisbane Lions Club
Spaghetti Dinner & Dessert
Sat., July 30th, 4:00pm
$10/person, 185 Visitacion, Open to the Public