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Posted 11/23/2011


Posted 11/22/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Computer Workspace
Mon & Thu, 9:30 - 12:30, Comm. Ctr.
Information (415) 508-2143

Posted 11/20/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
25th Annual Festival of Lights
Sun., Dec. 4th, 6 pm, Community Park
Carolers meet at the top of Visitacion at 5:30 pm

Posted 11/19/2011

City of Brisbane
Paving on Kings Rd.
will be completed Mon., Nov. 21
Weather Permitting

Posted 11/17/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Afternoon Yoga
Mon & Wed, Noon - 1 pm, Mission Blue Ctr.
Information (415) 508-2143

Posted 11/16/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Department
Bootcamp Fitness Classes
Starts Mon., Nov. 21st
Mon. & Wed., 6:15 am, Comm. Park
Information (415) 508-2143


Humboldt (Trinity to Placer)

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Another segment of roadway which was due to be re-paved next is going to get its chance this year!  Humboldt Rd. (from Trinity to Placer Way) will be closed to vehicular traffice starting at 9:00am this Thursday, Dec. 1st.  Please remove your car(s) from the roadway, as both pavement grinding and paving are scheduled to take place that day, barring any inclement weather.  If weather does pose to be a problem, the contractor will complete the paving on Friday.  Nonetheless, you'll be able to move your car(s) back onto Humboldt at 4:00pm on Thursday.  Thank you for your assistance and patience as the roadways get a makeover!

UPDATE 12/2/2011
Paving is being wrapped up today.  Cars may be moved back onto Humboldt starting at 4:00pm.  In the next couple weeks, new berm will be placed, and the manholes and water valves will be raised to the new grade.  Once that's done, marking and then final white striping will occur.  The marking is to ensure that the white lines are restored to their pre-paving location.  If not, then there is time for adjustments to be made.  Final striping is scheduled to occur in approximately 2 weeks.If you have any questions, please call Public Works at (415) 508-2130.

New BES Restroom Facility

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With the BES Restroom Facility having been already dedicated at a fun, simple toilet paper-cutting ceremony in late September, you may be wondering what the status of the restroom facility is today.  Well, most of the punchlist items, including the sod being laid and the floors curing, have been completed since we last posted about it.  Also, the facility's water fountain which wasn't working last week has now been fixed (this was due to the lever being turned, cutting off the water supply).  The lever has since been removed and will be replaced once a cage is installed which will properly cover it.  The porta-potty that sat on the field at the Alvarado St. entrance for longer than most of us can remember (at least a decade) is being removed on Monday, saving the City some monthly rental fee expenses.  So please enjoy this newest restroom facility in Brisbane, as it sure took the partnership and assistance of many to make sure it was brought to pass!  And just in case you're wondering, the BES Restroom Project is being paid for through a State Parks Bond (at no expense to the City), totaling approximately $89,000.

Paving on Kings

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Due to the rains that have now been forecast for tonight and tomorrow, the street paving on Kings (from the 300 block --> Humboldt) has been re-scheduled to be completed on Monday, Nov. 21st, weather permitting.  The picture to the left is of paving that took place yesterday on Kings @ San Mateo Ln.  This paving is part of the City's Pavement Maintenance 2011 project.  As previously requested, please move any cars off of Kings (from the 300 block --> Humboldt) by 9:00am on Monday.  You may return your car(s) starting at 4:00pm that day, when work is completed.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as the rest of Kings is paved!

Speaking of paving on Kings...the Public Works Utiilty Crew coordinated a leaky valve fix to occur before the paving spoken of above took place on Thursday.  That way, the road would not need to be dug up after the fact.  On Wednesday evening between 8:00pm - 10:00pm, the water was shut off in order to complete the installation.  Affected residences had been notified and no complaints were received prior to, during, or after the installation of the replacement valve (pictured above, right).  Thursday morning, the roadway was paved over, leaving no sign of the work that had just taken place the previous evening.


City Secures Grant

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Last Friday, the City received word from the Environmental Protection Agency that it had been one of the 26 entities nationally selected to receive technical assistance in the form of a renewable energy study for the Brisbane Baylands.  As part of the EPA's RE-Powering America’s Land Initiative, the EPA and the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) are evaluating the feasibility of developing renewable energy production on Superfund, brownfields, and former landfill or mining sites. The EPA is investing approximately $1,000,000 for the project, which pairs EPA’s expertise on contaminated sites with the renewable energy expertise of NREL.  Since Brisbane's wintertime climate is much more amenable for conducting a site visit than that of the other entities which have been selected, Brisbane will be one of the first sites to be visited by NREL in the coming months.  The City worked with members of Prescience International, highly regarded for their global adoption of life science and cleantech, in developing the study's grant application.  The City is appreciative of the support shown by the Committee for Renewable Energy on the Baylands (CREBL) in seeing that the Baylands is developed in a truly innovative, environmentally-progressive manner.  They and many others wrote letters of support for this renewable energy generation feasibility study. For more information on the type of feasibility study that will be conducted on the Baylands, please click here.

Unofficial Election Results

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Below are the total votes for each of the Candidates for City Council:

  • Cyril Bologoff  - 320
  • Ray Miller - 463
  • Terry O'Connell - 382

The number of votes for Business License Tax J are:

  • Yes - 532
  • No - 159

The City of Brisbane, along with all other cities in San Mateo County, contracts with the County of San Mateo Elections Office.  The County counts and posts the election results.  The County has, by State Law, up to 28 days to certify the election results.  The official results will be adopted by the Brisbane City Council on Monday, December 5, 2011.

There are absentee and provisional ballots that were turned in at the polls that still need to be counted and included in the above totals.  During the next few weeks the County will be updating the absentee numbers on their website. You can check any updates periodically by going to

Parking in Brisbane

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One doesn’t have to spend a whole lot of time in Brisbane to realize that parking in the residential areas is limited.  Understandably, citizens take a very personal interest in the vehicles they see parked in their neighborhood and how they are parked.  As a result, the Brisbane Police Department responds to numerous complaints about “abandoned” and “illegally” parked vehicles every day.  Often these complaints end up being a matter of personal preference rather than a matter of law where the police can take legal action.  In those cases where the law does not apply, the Police Department is more than happy to attempt to mediate the problem between the parties involved.


To help you determine if your parking issue is one where legal action should be taken or if mediation would be a solution, the Police Department has put together the following facts to take into consideration:

Parking in front of your residence:

Unfortunately, the Police Department has no legal or inherent right to the parking spaces in front of our homes.  Parking on city streets is available to anyone, whether or not they reside on our street or not.    

People who own several vehicles:

The Police Department realizes that there are a great deal of residents that own numerous vehicles without adequate off-street parking, or have chosen to use their garages or driveways for other purposes.  Although this fact is unfortunate and inconsiderate to others in the neighborhood, the Police Department has no legal authority to remove these vehicles if legally parked on a city street and driven on a regular basis.

Vehicles stored on the street:

There are two municipal codes that govern vehicles parked or stored on the street.  One allows for vehicles to be towed as abandoned after being marked as such for 72 hours.  The other allows for a vehicle to be cited if it can be determined that the vehicle has been stored on the street for more than 5 consecutive days. 

The Police Department receives numerous calls each day for “abandoned” vehicles when someone spots a vehicle that they don’t recognize.  They find that, often times, these vehicles are being parked there temporarily due to construction or road work in another neighborhood, or simply because parking was unavailable on an adjacent street.  In either case, the Police Department makes concerted efforts to locate the owner by way of a neighborhood check or by phone before taking enforcement action.


Community Mediation

The Brisbane Police Department offers conflict resolution and mediation through the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (PCRC).  Click here for more information about using PCRC.

Police Intervention

The Police Department will respond to any and all calls for service.  If you see a vehicle that you believe to be illegally parked please call (415) 467-1212.  Please leave your name and phone number with the dispatcher.  This allows an officer to contact you with any questions or to advise you of what they were able to do to resolve the problem.  The Police Departments receives a lot of “anonymous” calls.  Without your name and phone number, they are unable to resolve the issue if it turns out to be one that requires mediation or enforcement action.   


Parking issues can quickly turn great neighbors and neighborhoods into a war zone of Hatfield and McCoys.  Please be considerate of one another when parking your vehicles.  Consider getting to know your neighbors and speaking with them when a problem arises.  The Police Department is surprised how many times they respond to a problem and find out that the people involved have never talked despite the fact that they live right across the street from each other. 

Whatever the case, the Brisbane Police Department is here to help.  If you do call them regarding a problem you can be assured they will do everything they can to resolve the problem. With the parking the way it is in town, they ask for your patience in dealing with these issues.

14th Annual Winter Clean-Up

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It's that time of year again.  Time to clear your property of fallen leaves and branches which could find their way into one of the City's storm drains and cause flooding during the rainy season.  Dumpsters will again be placed throughout town, as close to each street and neighborhood as possible.  Please take advantage of this convenience and place your yard trimmings and branches (less than 4 inches in diameter and NOT within plastic garbage bags) into the nearest-located dumpster.  Remember, NO GARBAGE OR WASTE are to be disposed of in these dumpsters.  Doing so will make the entire load unrecyclable.

Please do not attempt to trim tree branches that are touching or near PG&E's power lines.  Call PG&E if you have any questions or concerns at (800) 743-5000. 

The City can help you dispose of tree trimmings and large branches but cannot go on private property to cut them down or haul them to the street.  If you need assistance or to arrange for pick-up, please call the 14th Annual Winter Clean-Up Hotline - 508-2146 between 10:00am - 3:00pm on Saturday the 12th or between 9:00am - 1:00pm on Sunday the 13th.  For more information regarding tree removal, please see the Tree Removal Permit page on our website or call 508-2115.

Thank you in advance for your willingness and cooperation in this City-wide effort.  If we all pitch to clean up our properties from yard trimmings and fallen leaves, we can prevent future problems from occurring during the winter rains!

Pavement Maintenance 2011

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As part of the City's annual Pavement Maintenance Project, all of Kings Rd., Annis between Humboldt and San Bruno, and the Alleys between Mariposa and Klamath will be re-paved.  The map below shows the demarcated streets (click to enlarge).

Work is being completed this year by Bortolotto and Co., which was awared the construction contract at the Oct. 17th City Council meeting.  Please note:

  • Grinding on Annis and the Alleys will be on Tuesday, Nov. 15th.  All cars need to be moved off the streets by 9:00am and may be returned after 4:00pm.
  • Grinding on Kings will take place on Wednesday., Nov. 16th.  All cars must be moved off the street by 9:00am and may be returned after 4:00pm.
  • Paving on Kings will take place Thursday - Friday, Nov. 17th and 18th and Monday, Nov. 21st.  All cars must be moved off the street by 9:00am and may be returned after 4:00pm Thursday and Friday.
  • Paving on Annis and the Alleys that was originally scheduled for Monday, Nov. 21st was completed on Wednesday, Nov. 16th (with all residences having been notified beforehand).
  • With garbage collection in these areas falling on either Thursday or Friday, the City is working with SSF Scavengers to have the garbage on the affected streets picked up prior to work starting at 9:00am (the streets being paved are too narrow for both the garbage truck and construction vehicles to fit simultaneously).
  • Flagmen will be present at the road closures on Kings, so please exercise caution when driving near the construction areas.
  • Striping will be scheduled after the asphalt has had time to properly cure.

Thank you in advance for your assistance in ensuring these streets are re-paved as safely and efficiently as possible!

(updated: 11/17/2011 @ 4:55pm)

Diamond Day at BES

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Last Friday, October 28th, many from the Brisbane community gathered on the Brisbane Elementary School field to help celebrate the school's 75th "Diamond" Anniversary.  Principal Chad Carvey served as Master of Ceremonies, with the program opening with the ringing of the Brisbane School Bell, used in 1936 when the school was established.  Doing the honors was a gentleman who actually attended BES in its fouding year.  The trio of photos below show Chad asking for a raise of hands from folks who graduated from BES in the 40s.  He then proceeded down through the late-30s...

Until there was only one hand left.

Being handed the Brisbane School Bell, this gentleman rang the same bell used in his elementary school days!

Afterwards, Lipman Students performed the Brisbane School Song (lyrics at end of post):

There were many guest speakers who were all ready to stand before the crowd, including Toni Presta, Brisbane School District Superintendent; Bob Dettmer, Brisbane School District Board Member; Steve Keener, Brisbane School Teacher; Cy Bologoff, Brisbane Mayor; Clay Holstine, Brisbane City Manager; Lisa Macias, Brisbane Police Chief; and Clarke Conway, Brisbane City Councilmember.

Dolores Gomez, BES Alumnus; Bonnie Bologoff, Brisbane Parks and Recreation Commissioner; Diane Van Stralen, Brisbane School District Board Member; Amanda Olson, BES Alum and Diamond Day Lead Volunteer; and Julianna Johnson, BES Library Clerk also helped to either share their BES memories, open the three BES Time Capsules, fill the Time Capsule of 2011-2036, or read letters of recognition from Governor Jerry Brown and State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson.

The Fond Memories Trio performed songs reminicent of the days when BES was founded, whose jazzy tunes that were hits from the 30s may have been news to some of the students in attendance.

After the unveiling of the BES Painting by BES Art Teacher Ilana Caplan, it was time for viewing BES memorabilia including class photos from 1936, which Police Chief Macias and Councilmember Conway thoroughly enjoyed.

A hot dog lunch was provided by the Brisbane Lions, whose members Marc Salmon, John Olson, Joe Sulley, Ernie Fillppo, and Dave Crocker volunteered their time and grillmaster skills in celebration of Diamond Day.

As you can was a fabulous celebration and one filled with many great memories, laughs, food and cheer.  Congratulations, BES!  We'll see you in 2036 for when you turn 100!

Brisbane School Song

Hail to Brisbane School my fellows, cheer the Mountaineers!
Children, teachers, all together, through the golden years!
Upstairs, downstairs, big toys, green, our mountain reigns above.
Hail to school and noble mountain, sing to thee with love!