Found Dog - Reunited!

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A dog was taken in earlier today by a Brisbane resident on Klamath.  The dog will remain there until Friday, after which, if still unclaimed, will be taken to the SF SPCA.  Please call (415) 385-2315 if you are the owner of this dog or could provide its current sitter with any information.  Thank you!


The dog pictured below

The dog pictured below (Susie) has found her owner! Susie was very happy to see her human counterpart who I found roaming the streets near the Sunrise Room in an attempt to find her. After being reunited, Susie was still a little embarrassed because she smelled like a skunk after being sprayed earlier that day. A nice Brisbane resident (Jessica) who found Susie was kind enough to give her two baths before her owner arrived. Jessica was sad to Susie leave but it was a happy reunion for those involved.

Hey Guys!! I am the person

Hey Guys!!

I am the person who found this little girl. Great News!! The owner saw the posted signs and this beautiful pup is now home safe and sound!

Thank you to all who called and offered help! I got great tips on how to get the skunk smell out and learned a lot about this wonderful community (as we have only been residents for 2 months)!!

Thanks again and luckily she is home safe!!

I again want to thank you on

I again want to thank you on behalf of the city and personally as an animal lover myself for taking her in, especially stinky! :) You are a kind soul and we are glad to have you in our community.

Hooray! And welcome to

Hooray! And welcome to Brisbane, Jessica!