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Another Explosion in Brisbane

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The following letter from the Brisbane Police Department is being mailed today to each household as an insert in the water bill.

After several months without an incident, we have had 3 recent occasions where an M80 or similar type explosive was set off. 

On 10/7/11 at approx. 9:30 pm, a device was set off near the entrance to Quarry Road.  As with past incidents, no property damage occurred, and in this case, was over 100 feet from any residential buildings.

On 12/1/11 at approx. 9:41 pm, a firework was set off in the 300 block of Klamath.  It appears that the device unintentionally landed under the stairs of a residence causing fire damage to the stairs and deck.

On 12/26/11 at approx. 8:55 pm, a device was set off in the storm drain in the 200 block of Monterey Street.  In this incident, the silhouette of a male wearing a black hooded sweatshirt was seen running from the scene.

There does not appear to be any particular target or reason for these events, other than to gratify the person or people involved.  Causing damage to property does not appear to be a factor or motive in these incidents.

According to Wikipedia, “M80s are a class of large firecrackers, sometimes called salutes. The Simulator, Artillery, M80, was originally made in the early 20th century by the U.S. Military to simulate explosives or artillery fire; Later, M-80s were manufactured as fireworks.”   Regardless of their original intent, these devices are dangerous and we consider their use or possession a serious offense.

Earlier in the year we received several complaints of similar explosions in the city.  Most of these incidents were located near the area of Visitation and Mariposa Streets.  Although no arrests were made in these cases, aggressive patrol and contact with several people of interest resulted in no further incidents. 

These devices are very small despite there loud noise.  They can be easily concealed in a pocket or palm of the hand, and when ignited, do not go off for up to 30 seconds.  This gives ample time for the person involved to walk away without notice.  That’s why we need your help in our continued efforts to bring these incidents to an end.  Should you be anywhere near the area when one of these events occurs, please take note of the people in the area and pass that information on to any police officer.  Our officers take pride in knowing the members of our community and citizens that frequent our city.  Any description you may be able to provide could lead to the identification of the person or people involved. 

As always, if you have information for us and wish to remain anonymous, you can contact us via the Web:

New Booster Seat Law

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For those of you who have small children, or grandchildren or nephews and nieces that you help drive around, you'll want to be aware of a new law going into effect January 1st regarding child booster seats.  The previous law required children under the age of 6, or 60 lbs, to use a booster seat.  As of January 1st, children are required to be strapped into their booster seats until the age of 8.  Violators risk a fine of more than $400, in addition to a point on their driving record.  Click here to read more about the new law and here to read about some important safety tips you can keep in mind for your littlest passenger.

$500 Reward

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On 12/1/11 at approximately 9:41 PM, fireworks were set off in the 300 block of Klamath Street which resulted in severe damage to a nearby home.

There is a $500 reward being offered for information that results in the identification of the individual(s) responsible.

If you have any information that could assist in this investigation, please contact Commander Bob Meisner at (415) 508-2175, or on the online Contact Form.  Select "Contact the Police Department" from the “I want to” drop down menu. You may remain anonymous if you wish.

A Great Way to Contribute

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There are currently 3 spots on the Planning Commission, 2 spots on the Parks and Recreation Commission, and 3 spots on the Open Space and Ecology Committee that are open for you to apply for.  Serving on a City Commission or Committee is a great way to make a real difference in your community, as you'll be able to make recommendations to the City Council as you work directly with community members.  To apply please fill out the application form and return it to Sheri Spediacci, City Clerk, City of Brisbane, 50 Park Place, Brisbane, CA 94005.  You can also fax it in to (415) 467-4989 or e-mail it to  The deadline for submitting applications is January 31, 2012.  So take a moment to think about the difference you can make in 2012 and beyond in your community and get your application in!

New Live Streaming Provider

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Since August 2009, live streaming of cable Ch. 27 has been available on the City's website, via the Live Streaming page.  That way, residents who aren't Comcast subscribers, or may be out of town, could still tune in to their local government-access channel and catch things such as live City Council meetings.  With our previous streaming provider, Upstream, having gotten bought out and changing their pricing structure to a pay-as-you-go model, it was a great opportunity for the City to shop around for a streaming provider who could offer a service that was within the City's budget, and compatible on mobile devices including non-Flash supported devices, such as iPhones and iPads (Upstream used a Windows Media Player for its streaming service, which is incompatible with most devices on the market nowadays). 

The City worked with MCTV, who manages the channel, its IT Manager Albert Duro, and web developer C.J. MacDonald before choosing to go with Ustream as its new live streaming provider.  For a neater viewing experience on your handheld device or tablet, download the Ustream app.  Once installed, type "brisbaneca" into the search box and begin watching the channel.  Alternatively, the channel can be viewed on the Live Streaming page or on the Ustream website.  Note: if you are only getting audio but no picture, it is due to your Internet speed and you should check with your service provider.  For any other issues while viewing the channel, please let Caroline Cheung, Administrative Management Analyst, know at (415) 508-2157 or

Three Retirees

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It is with great excitement but also great regret that we'll be saying farewell to three extremely dedicated and hard-working individuals who have given so much of themselves to serve the community in their respective roles.  Chris Hayes, Senior Recreation Leader, Jim Skeels, Parks and Recreation Director, and Tim Tune, Senior Planner, will be retiring from the City at the end of this calendar year.  We wanted to make that known here on the website, so it's another way community members can be aware of their retirements and wish them well in their future endeavors.  Below are their Proclamations which were read by City Manager Clay Holstine as staff, Councilmembers, and Commissioners gathered to celebrate their wonderful, and plentiful, contributions to Brisbane.

Chris and Mayor Lentz look on as Chris' Proclamation is read by City Manager Clay Holstine.



Senior Recreation Leader Christine Hayes


Whereas, Christine has served the families of Brisbane for over 14 years, and

WHEREAS, Christine has acted as a mentor and guardian to children of Brisbane, providing them with a safe and friendly place for them to learn and grow, and

, Christine has given the parents of Brisbane the comfort of knowing their children are safe and well cared for when they are in her care, and

WHEREAS, Christine has worked tirelessly to meet the ever expanding needs of the parents and children of Brisbane, and

WHEREAS, Christine has lead and mentored her staff, helping them to grow into competent recreation professionals, and

WHEREAS, Christine is respected and admired by her supervisor, fellow staff and the citizens of Brisbane

, therefore be it resolved, that the City Council of the City of Brisbane thanks Christine Hayes for her years of service to the City on behalf of our grateful town.

Dated this 13th day of December, 2011.
Clifford R. Lentz, Mayor

Tim with Community Services Director John Swiecki, Planning Commissioners Karen Cunningham, Carolyn Parker, Dave Reinhardt, and TuongVan Do, and Associate Planner Ken Johnson.






WHEREAS, Timothy “Tim” Tune came to the City of Brisbane in 1986 and distinguished himself as an exemplary employee in every respect, over this last quarter century; and

WHEREAS, Tim has brought to bear his unique experience in detailed and thoughtful presentation and execution of various projects and planning initiatives over the years; and

, Tim has been the “Planning Rock” in that no other planning employee has provided such continuity and has remained in the hot-seat as long as Tim, outlasting 3 Planning Directors; and

WHEREAS, Tim has been the face of the Department to the public for these many years, providing friendly and reliable guidance on a host of issues, such that the remaining staff will be expecting to hear, “But ... Tim Tune said…” for months and perhaps years to come;  and

Tim has been an example and a mentor to other staff, providing guidance on various planning issues and code interpretations, as well as the proper color, texture and taste for Halloween “Brain Jello”; and

Tim has single-handedly propped up the men’s neckwear industry, wearing approximately 4,000 ties (give or take a few hundred) during the course of his tenure; and

Tim has sacrificed his career as a professional cardboard modeler, for his planning career; and

  Tim’s colleagues reserve the right to blame any planning misfortunes that befall the City on Tim for the next few years; and

Tim will only be allowed to retire should he continue to send to his friends at the City, postcards from his many travels and adventures, all of which will be thoroughly planned; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Brisbane, his colleagues and coworkers thank Tim for all of his great work and wishes him health, happiness and many travels in his well planned retirement.

                           Dated this 13th day of December, 2011.
                                                                                                                                      Clifford R. Lentz, Mayor

Jim heartily accepting a warm congratulations from Mayor Lentz.




WHEREAS, Jim Skeels became Director of the Brisbane Parks and Recreation Department on December 6, 1999.  His experience with and passion for recreation enabled the department to flourish under his watch.  He also fell quickly in love with this community and found a home in which he still resides; and

WHEREAS, after a short period of time, Jim became well known throughout Brisbane with residents of all ages; from children, that loved to play with the many toys he kept on his office desk, to seniors who he always took time to chat with either at the Senior Club or just on the street.  He always had an open-door policy and loved to listen to residents’ ideas and concerns regarding his department.  Whether in his office or on the dance floor during the Concerts in the Park, Jim always had a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone that approached him.  He was a great ambassador for the City; and

WHEREAS, that positive attitude carried over to his work with the City Council, Parks, Beaches and Recreation Commission and with Brisbane Community Groups.  For twelve years, he worked on many projects and programs where his intelligence, attention to detail, and negotiation skills led to many accomplishments; and

WHEREAS, some of the facility projects/accomplishments that occurred under his leadership include the completion and opening of the Community Pool, the beautiful Mission Blue Center and the Senior Sunrise Room; the development and completion of the Crocker Park Recreational Trail (perhaps Jim Skeels’ greatest accomplishment and will be his most remembered legacy), also the Park Lane Basketball Courts & Skate Park, the Quarry Road Park, the Volunteer of the Year Rock located at City Hall, the Silverspot Co-op Nursery School, and his final accomplishment, the BES Restroom installation; and

WHEREAS, he recognized what makes Brisbane a special place to live is neighbors knowing neighbors so he created events which brought people together, some of the events included Health Fairs, Monte Carlo Night, Brisbane Derby, Water Carnival, Swim in Movie Night, and the ever popular Concerts in the Park; and

, the time has come that Jim Skeels has retired after many years of exemplary service with the City of Brisbane; and

WHEREAS, the City of Brisbane will miss his care and knowledge of Brisbane, his steadfast and determined work style, and perhaps most of all, his intelligence and that twinkle in his eye, which made him a pleasure to work with as many long-standing accomplishments were made making Brisbane a better place to live. 

Now, therefore be it resolved, that the City Council of the City of Brisbane thanks Jim Skeels and hereby declares him a lifelong friend of Brisbane. 

                    Dated this 13th day of December, 2011

                                                                                                                            Clifford R. Lentz, Mayor

Festival of Lights

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Carolers await the time for singing Christmas carols down Visitacion Ave.

As you may be aware, we just celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Festival of Lights.  The idea for the Festival itself was borne out of an idea from long-time Brisbane resident and volunteer Jeri Sulley.  After presenting the concept of carolers caroling down Vistacion and afterwards joining the rest of the community to witness the lighting of the not-yet planted Festival Tree, then City Manager Robin Leiter gave Jeri the thumbs up to gather the volunteers she already had in mind.  Jeri did just that and in 1986 the Festival of Lights was born.  To commemorate the quarter-century anniversary of this special celebration, we will be compiling any and all photos that you've taken through the years at the Festival into a Flickr slideshow, so the community can enjoy the many celebrations that have resulted from one individual's fabulous idea. 

Please e-mail your photos to Caroline Cheung at or drop them off to her at City Hall - 50 Park Place, Brisbane.  Original copies of photos will be scanned and returned to their respective owners, so please include your name and contact information on the envelope if dropping off actual photographs.  Thank you in advance for your help in chronicling 25 years of the Festival of Lights!

Signboard Postings

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Posted 12/29/2011

Happy New Year!

Please remember
Fireworks are Illegal in Brisbane

Posted 12/26/2011

In Loving Memory Of
William J. Jackson
Svcs:  Thu., Dec. 29, 7- 9 pm, Cypress Lawn, Colma
Info:  (650) 255-6270

Posted 12/23/2011


Posted 12/20/2011

Airport Noise-Complain NOW!
file an on-line complaint
or call (650) 821-4736
or send an e-mail to

Signboard Postings

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Posted 12/14/2011

In Loving Memory Of
Marie Gilbrech
48 Year Resident and Chalupa's Mom
Service Information:  (415) 467-9796

Posted 12/13/2011

Brisbane Women's Club
Santa's Visit
Sat., Dec. 17th, 1 - 3 pm, Comm. Ctr.
Refreshments will be served

Posted 12/12/2011

Brisbane Arsenal
U-14 Boys Soccer Team
Undefeated AYSO Area 2B Champs

Live at Mission Blue

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Many of you have heard of the splendid concerts that take place at Mission Blue Center, called simply, "Live at Mission Blue".  In its 8th Season this year, Live at Mission Blue Artistic Director Kevin Fryer (pictured right) is looking forward to the community coming together to hear three enchanting musical performances.  "Here in Brisbane we are fortunate to have the Mission Blue Center, a space so well suited to listening to live music.  We are fortunate to have a wealth of fine musicians who love to perform here, and a community that supports it." 

Live at Mission Blue is a project of "The Friends of the Brisbane Library".  FOBL is a community-based non-profit organization, which sponsors a variety of events from the City-Wide Garage Sale to Turn Off Your TV Week.  Live at Mission Blue is supported by the City of Brisbane through the Resident Artist Co-sponsorship Program.  Through this program, the City recognizes the value of its resident artists and the important contribution the arts make to the quality of life in our community. 

Ticket proceeds from Live at Mission Blue help to fund programs of the Brisbane Library. So check out when performances will be held at, buy tickets, and support the Live at Mission Blue series as well as the Friends of the Brisbane Library!