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National Park and Recreation Month

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DID YOU KNOW? Since 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month. In 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives officially mandated July as “Park and Recreation Month.” Here are just a few of the ways that Parks & Recreation enhances our quality of life:

  • According to a 2014 article in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, higher levels of green space were associated with lower symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress.
  • The Centers for Disease Control found that increased access to places for physical activity led to a 25.6% increase in people exercising 3 or more times per week.
  • Children that have easy access to a playground are approximately five times more likely to have a healthy weight than children that do not have easy access to playgrounds.
  • Between 2000 and 2012, more than 85 studies have been published that link parks to better physical and mental health.
  • Parks, and particularly the trees in parks, have a direct and important impact on our quality of life. In fact, a 2006 study found that the air pollution removal value by urban trees in the United States is estimated to be 1.56 billion pounds per year – a value of $3.8 billion.

Parks and recreation services are vital for our communities—from protecting open space and natural resources, to helping fight obesity, to providing activities and resources for all walks of life—Park and Recreation Month encourages everyone to reflect on the exponential value parks and recreation bring to communities.   Parks and Recreation not only give us the opportunity to become our best selves, they also super power our communities economically, improve the environment and provide equitable public spaces for all.

This July, America is celebrating the super powers of parks and recreation and all the ways these local, community resources add value to our daily lives. We’re challenging everyone to discover their super powers at our parks and recreation facilities whether it’s running a mile, swimming a designated distance, meeting a fitness goal, building a new network of friends, or finding your green thumb. We hope you'll celebrate the month of July with us through parks & recreation!


July 2016 Marina News

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 Click here to read the July 2016 Marina Newsletter

Signboard Postings

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As of 6/30/2016


Brisbane P.D. Reminds You That:
All Fireworks are
Prohibited in Brisbane
Even Safe & Sane Fireworks


July 4th Pool Hours
9:30am-1:00pm – Lap Swim
9:30am-10:30am – Water Aerobics
1:00pm-6:00pm – Recreation Swim


Citywide Yard Sale
Sat., July 16, 9am-3pm
Sign-up Now & Save!



Climate Fact #25

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Tthe Open Space and Ecology Committee is endeavoring to provide the community with one climate fact each week. These facts are to call community awareness to global warming impacts as a measure of the Climate Action Plan of the City of Brisbane.

is endeavoring to provide to the community one climate fact each week.  These facts are to call community awareness to global warming impacts as a measure - See more at: facts are to call community awareness to global warming impacts as a measure of the City's Climate Action Plan.

For further reading:



Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Open Houses

August 30th 6:30 – 7:30pm: City Hall Community Meeting Room; 50 Park Place 

September 20th 6:30 – 7:30pm: City Hall Community Meeting Room; 50 Park Place 

Brisbane Office of Emergency Services (OES) is having 2 open houses for residents to learn about our CERT program. CERT educates individuals about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact our area and trains you in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. This valuable course is designed to help you protect yourself, your family, your neighbors and your neighborhood in an emergency situation.  

For more information, you can contact Shelley Romriell at



Enterprise Systems Catalog

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Catalog of Enterprise Systems

(Pursuant to SB 272 and CA Government Code 6270.5)

An enterprise system is a software application or computer system that collects, stores, exchanges and analyzes information that the agency uses that is both of the following:
• A multi-departmental system or a system that contains information collected about the public.
• A system that serves as an original source of data within an agency.

An "enterprise system" does not include any of the following:

• Information Technology security systems, including firewalls and other cybersecurity systems.
• Physical access control systems, employee identification management systems, video monitoring and other physical control systems.
• Infrastructure and mechanical control systems, including those that control or manage street lights, electrical, natural gas or water or sewer functions.
• Systems related to 911 dispatch and operation or emergency services.
• Systems that would be restricted from disclosure by Section 6254.19.
• The specific records that the information technology system collects, stores, exchanges or analyzes.


SB 272 Requires that the City:
1. Create a catalog of enterprise systems containing:

• Current system vendor
• Current system product
• System’s purpose
• A description of categories or types of data
• The department that is the prime custodian of the data
• The frequency that system data is collected
• The frequency that system data is updated

2. To make the catalog publicly available upon request

3. To post the catalog in a prominent location on the agency’s website.

If the public interest served by not disclosing the information described clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure, the local agency may instead provide a system name, brief title or identifier of the system.

Catalog of Enterprise Systems


2016 Summer Concert Series

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The 2016 Summer Concert Series is right around the corner and we hope you're as excited as we are!  Donations are still being accepted, so it's not too late to make a donation towards supporting the series and to receive recognition on our sponsorship banner.  It'll be proudly displayed above the stage at every concert. Please call 415-508-2144 for more information and to make your donation today!

Habitat Restoration Day

(NEW) Pool Schedule

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 Summer has officially begun! 
Which means... the schedule for the pool has changed!  The Summer schedule for aquatic programs and activities can be found below. Please note: We will not offer Friday lunch time lap swim during the summer session as staff will be participating in mandatory in-service training's. They will be sharpening their skills throughout the summer to ensure that we are providing the highest quality safety observation and swim instruction to our community members. Thank you for your understanding and happy swimming!


Signboard Postings

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As of 6/23/2016


Summer Concerts Start July 8
Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available
More Info:  415-508-2144


The Collective Camp - #MIRROR
M-F / 6AM / 30 MIN / 4 WKS
Sign-up Online