Downtown Brisbane Car Show

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Get ready for a sweet community event on Saturday, July 13th!  Tony Lukezic, Brisbane resident, has been working with staff to organize a Downtown Brisbane Car Show that will take place on San Francisco Ave. from 9am - 4pm.  He's anticipating about 100 cars parked along both sides of the street, from Old County Rd. up to Mariposa St.  They're start getting into position starting at 7:30am.  The Mothers of Brisbane will be selling sodas and water for $1 throughout the day (proceeds to benefit Brisbane Elementary School, with the proceeds from car show entrants benefitting the Brisbane Skatepark).  Sound Productions will be emceeing the event and providing tunes from the 70s, 80s and 90s starting at 11am.  The event is KID-FRIENDLY, with 2 jump houses set up in the Community Park.  The Fire Dept. is also lending their antique 1937 fire engine, which will be parked in the intersection of Plumas Ave. and San Francisco Ave. for people to take pictures in front of.  So, be sure to come on out and walk along San Francisco to see all the cars that will be parked there, and enjoy the music, drinks, and atmosphere!


I sure hope Brisbane

I sure hope Brisbane residents will come and enjoy the show. As an admmited 'car nut', am looking forward to seeing vehicles of the past,( especially from the 40's, 50's, 60's & 70's ). While the newer Caddy CTS-V, the Fiat Abarth and many other modern cars are cool, ( be them of totally different venues ), hope it will not become a showplace for more recent manufacturers' offerings. BTW, not interested in ghetto dubs, boom-boom or ugly mods, either. Thumbs up and best wishes for a wonderful day & ongoing success in the years to come !!!

Hi John, thank you for your

Hi John, thank you for your comment! The car show organizer has said that the car show is open to all makes and models. The oldest vehicle may be the Brisbane antique fire engine, built in 1937.