July 4th Reminder

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If you happen to hear, or better yet, see any individuals setting off fireworks, please notify the Brisbane Police right away and call (415) 467-1212.  Help be the eyes and ears of the community and stop this illegal activity.  Now that it is fire season, we all need to be on high alert and do what we can to keep Brisbane safe.  Please be assured that every tip counts and will be properly investigated.

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What is the fine for

What is the fine for deploying illegal fireworks in Brisbane? Is this enforced by a citation or can you be arrested?

I think it might help deter illegal fireworks if the offending folks knew that the penalty is more than a slap on the wrist.

Obviously consideration for fellow citizens, pets and other animals, and safety concerns have not deterred these inconsiderate people from pursuing their own pyrotechnic pleasures.

Thank you, Michele for your

Thank you, Michele for your comment and question. If they are illegal explosives, such as M80's, M1000's, etc., they are a felony to possess so they would be arrested but the safe and sane, sparklers, and all the ones that they sell in the fireworks booths you see around other cities, that is a fine of $100 for the first offense as it's an infraction. It could be a Misdemeanor depending on the amount and the person may be given a citation to appear in court. The Police Department cannot stress enough how important it is for the community to help be their eyes and ears, not only on July 4th but anytime you see suspicious persons or activity. Please call 467-1212 right away and report it so they can compile all the information they need. Thank you!