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Lipman Slide Repair Project

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There's just the fencing that needs to be installed, along with sod to avoid soil erosion.  The Lipman Tennis Courts will also be given a fresh coat of paint, which will make the entire area much more inviting and pleasant once all is said and done.  In the meantime, there are always the courts at Mission Blue for you to practice your strokes on!

This project is a project of the Brisbane School District, which the City of Brisbane lent its support and assistance to in securing a FEMA grant to help pay for the project, as well as in general project management oversight.  If you'd like to see how this project has progressed over the summer, click here to see its previous posts.

November 8, 2011 Election

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On Tuesday, November 8, 2011, San Mateo County will be conducting a Consolidated Municipal, School, and Special District Election.  Earlier today, the County Elections Office released the Randomized Alpha Drawing for Local Measures to be Voted On.  This is done to determine the Measure letters that are assigned througout the County, as well as determine the placement of names on the ballot of those running for elected office. In short,

The Business License Tax Measure is now called Measure J.

And the candidates for City Council will be listed on the ballot in the following order:
Terry O'Connell
Cyril G. "Cy" Bologoff
Ray Miller

The Elections Office is going green and offering voters the opportunity to receive their voter pamphlets online.  To sign up, click here.  Also, be sure to check your voter registration status so you can be all squared away to vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8th!  The deadline for voter registration is Monday, October 24th.

Lastly, the Brisbane Chamber of Commerce and the League of Women Voters will be hosting a Candidate's Night at City Hall in the Community Meeting Room in the Sept/Oct timeframe for the public to attend and ask questions of each candidate.  A date for this event has not yet been set.  Look out for more detailed event information on the City's blog, monthly news publications, the City News, Ch. 27, and the signboards in town.

Double Funk Crunch

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Get ready to boogie!  Double Funk Crunch is back again this year as part of Brisbane's Concerts in the Park series!  So be sure to bring the whole family and everyone's dancing shoes so you'll all be ready to get down to the greatest dance songs of the last three decades!  Concert begins at 6:00pm at the Community Park (Old County Rd. & San Francisco Ave).  Special thanks again to the sponsors that brought this year's Concerts to the Brisbane Community:

2011 Concert Sponsors:

Brisbane Hardware
First National Bank of Northern California
F.W. Spencer and Sons, Inc.
Garden Chapel
Kingdom Pipelines, Inc
Linda and Bill Dettmer
Loral Landscaping
Louis Raphael, A Division of Kizan International, Inc.
Lyon Medical Construction
Schillinger-Glazman Family
Sierra Point Lumber
SSF Scavenger Co.
Sue Cochran Construction

Brisbane's 50th Anniversary

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Our evening of celebration is fast-approaching.  We hope you have saved Saturday, September 10th for celebrating Brisbane's 50th Anniversary, beginning at 6:30pm at Xebec bar + dining, located within the Radisson Hotel - 5000 Sierra Point Pkwy, BrisbaneThe entire town is invited to attend!

Music and dance entertainment will be provided by Sharon Boggs and Anton Hedman of Sound Productions, with Brisbane's own Cabaret Star, Leanne Borghesi, taking the stage.  Leanne appears direct from a three-week smash late-night series at San Francisco's RRazz Room.  Anita Cocktail and the BJ's will also be taking to the stage, making sure everyone present has a grand time.

The City will be hosting food and a champagne toast.  There will be a no-host bar if you'd like to buy your own drinks.  Other than that, the event is free!

San Francisco Photo Booth will be on-hand to document this very special occassion.  An actual photo booth will be on-site for guests to have their photos taken together.  Pile in as many folks as you want for your photos.  Four successive photos will be taken, and afterwards printed on two strips of photo paper.  One is for you to take home, and the other will be compiled into an album, where you can write well-wishes to Brisbane or what you love most about your city.  The album will go on display at City Hall after the celebration for all to see!

Hope to see you there for all the fun and festivities!

Median on Bayshore

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You may have noticed construction work being done in the middle of Bayshore this week.  Contractors were installing a median between the north and south lanes in order to make room for the bike lanes that will be installed and finished with rumble strips and striping (both of which will occur over the next couple weeks).  Crews were using an extruder machine/slipformer to easily and efficiently construct the median.  The concrete is pressed and full compacted by the time it exits the machine, resulting in far less cement consumption made and a median of the highest concrete compressive strength.  Take a look:

After the pre-cast median exits the machine, crews quickly make the finishing touch-ups before allowing it to dry.  It's safe to say, the advancement of technology such as this has allowed terms like, "All in a day's work." to take on whole new meanings.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 8/12/2011

Brisbane Parks and Recreation Department
Zumba Classes
Sundays, 8:30 am, Mission Blue Ctr.
Information:  508-2140

City of Brisbane
50th Anniversary Party
Sat., Sept, 10th, 6:30 pm, 5000 Sierra Pt. Pkwy
Shuttle Service Available 


Living Lighter

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Sometimes it just seems like we're being weighed down by the circumstances going on around us.  We get bogged down with just trying to stay afloat, and having time for exercise is seen as not only rare, but a luxury.  Well now is a great time to get that all turned around.  Water Aerobics with Patricia Rohn as well as the Living Lighter Fitness Program are two ways to get in a great workout and to de-stress.  Click here for more information.  Stop by the Parks and Recreation Office (2nd Fl. of City Hall), or register for an account on ActiveNet and get signed up onilne!  Here's to a lifted mood and a happier you!


Fall 2011 STAR

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Click here to read the Fall 2011 STAR.

Community Meeting

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Community Meeting
Transforming Bayshore Caltrain Station
into a vibrant transit hub
Sat. Aug 13, 10:00am
New Visitacion Valley Library
201 Leland Ave
San Francisco, CA 94134 

(If you can’t make the meeting in Visitacion Valley,
you can catch the presentation to Brisbane City Council
on September 19 at 7:30pm)

Signboard Posting

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Posted 8/8/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Meditation Classes
Starts:  Sat. Aug. 13th, 8 am Miss. Blue Center
Information (415) 508-2143