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Baylands Site Visit

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This past Tuesday, January 31st, a team of four individuals, one from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Washington D.C. headquarters, one from EPA's regional office in San Francisco, and two from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Denver, CO arrived in Brisbane to conduct a site visit of the Brisbane Baylands.  Brisbane is one of 26 entities that were selected nationwide last November to receive technical assistance from the EPA/NREL is the form of a renewable energy study.  The report will focus on "best in class" solar design (under the Repowering program, the EPA/NREL was only able to fund a single power type at each of the 26 sites) as well as financing models to give an idea of payback and is expected to be completed within the next 4-6 months. The City looks forward to incorporating the results of this study into the Baylands planning process. 

Spring 2012 STAR

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Click here to read the Spring 2012 STAR.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 2/3/2012

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Youth Art Classes
Feb. 16 - Mar 22, 4:40 - 6 pm, Miss. Blue Ctr.
Ages:  6- 13 yrs, $85.00/residents
Information 508-2143

Posted 2/1/2012

City of Brisbane
Water Bills are due
February 6th

Posted 1/30/2012

Brisbane Parks And Recreation Department
Bootcamp Fitness Classes
Free Trial Class This Wednesday!
Mon., & Wed., 6:15 am, Comm. Park
Information 508-2143

Airplane Noise in Brisbane

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You may have seen this news clip on excessive noise stemming from overhead flights leaving SFO on KTVU last night. 

Now, this afternoon on KGO (810 AM), Mike McCracken has been citing that "they [the airlines] follow FAA guidelines and paths, and only occasionally, due to safety reasons, they change path."  If this perspective has you concerned, or even shaking your head, please call in IMMEDIATELY and share your views on the topic of excessive airplane noise in Brisbane.

CALL KGO at (415) 954-8100.  Ask for NEWS DESK (ASSIGNMENT).  It is expected that Congresswoman Jackie Speier's office will be called for her take on the issue, as well.

Lifeguard Training

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Interested in becoming a lifeguard?  Now is the time to be trained by the best!  Participants must be at least 15 years of age, have the ability to swim 300 yards continuously and with rhythmic breathing, be able to retrieve a 10-pound object from 8 ft. deep and swim 20 yards with the object, and tread water for 2 minutes using only legs.  Participants also must have a good work ethic!  Please call (415) 657-4321 for more information.

Dates: April 2 - 6
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Brisbane Community Pool (2 Solano St.)
Fee: $200 Resident / $275 Non-Resident

Serve Your Community

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Applications to serve on the Open Space and Ecology Committee are especially needed to immediately fill 3 open seats.  Consider the great rewards of being able to meet as a body to make recommendations to the City Council. 
You can be the one that makes a difference in this community, so download the application and submit it to Sheri Spediacci, City Clerk, at or drop it off to her at City Hall - don't delay!

Signboard Postings

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Posted 1/27/2012

Interested in serving your community on the
Open Space & Ecology Committee?
To apply, call 415-508-2113

Posted 1/25/2012

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Department
Agile Aging Classes
Promotes Senior Movement & Balance
Tuesdays, 10:30 am, 2 Visitacion Ave
Information:  508-2143

Posted 1/24/2012

Get on Nextdoor
And get connected with your neighbors

Early Friday Morning Call

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There are many in town who have reported a call from the Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services (OES) which took place this past Friday morning at approximately 6:20am.  Unfortunately, the call was a missing person report, and even more disheartenening, the elderly man who had gone missing from his Daly City home Thursday evening was found deceased on Friday afternoon in Lake Merced.  Click here for the news article.

You may be wondering, So why the call still, and at such an early hour?  Well for one, the Daly City Police Department alerted the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services to send out a missing person alert utilizing the automated telephone emergency notification system (T.E.N.S.).  This is a separate system from SMC Alert, which is a digital alerting system that will send a text message to cell phones, pagers or email addresses. Residents just need to sign up for SMCAlert, which is a free service except for any texting fees charged by a person’s cell phone service.  In this case, SMC Alert was utilized first, resulting in some residents either getting an e-mail or text, or both, on Thursday evening, and mostly everyone in the community getting the early morning call the next day.  It is not known exactly when the Daly City Police Department made the decision to utilize the T.E.N.S. in addition to SMC Alert, but when they did, it was specified to County OES that the entire region from Hwy 380 north to Daly City be called.  This amounted to an estimated 120,000 telephone numbers. 

The way T.E.N.S. works is that it first creates a table based on the database of telephone numbers provided by the phone companies every two weeks.  After determining which numbers fall within the notification boundaries, the table is sent to the dialing system which begins firing off calls at a rate of 400 per minute.  With 120,000 numbers in the queue, it was going to take at least 6 hours and 40 minutes.  According to Jeff Norris with the Sheriff's OES, every effort was made to shut the system down, but due to the queue of numbers already in the dialing system, which itself has several calling centers across the U.S., including Denver and Cincinnati, there was no way to stop it.  Thus, calls came ringing through in Brisbane early on Friday morning, when there was still hope for missing Jaeson Chon to be found and returned home to his family.

Hopefully, the next time the T.E.N.S. warning system is utilized in an emergency situation, its dissemination capabilities will allow it to reach Brisbane citizens in a timely manner, who can then, and undoubtedly would, do what's necessary to come to the aid of someone in need.

Brisbane's Champion Athletes

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On January 17, 2012, Mayor Cliff Lentz, on behalf of the Brisbane City Council, presented Amateur Boxing World Champions Charlie Sheehy and Andre Conway with commendations at the beginning of the evening's City Council meeting.

In return, Charlie and Andre presented Mayor Lentz with a signed pair of boxing gloves and thanked the Council for their recognition.

Mayor Lentz then presented each member of the 5th and 8th Grade Girls California State Basketball Champions with commendations and congratulated them on their accomplishments.  The audience area was a sea of Brisbane blue.

The following girls from the 5th Grade team were recognized:

5th grade Gold medalists: Valeria Avila, Brittney Cedeno, Yasmin Jimenez, Illeana Carrillo, Leilah Huerta, Jasmine Gonzales, Aliyah  Arcillas, Ariana Margate, Giselle Jimenez,  and Jessica DeLaTorre

After they each received a commendation, the girls presented Mayor Lentz with a team banner, which the Mayor then asked each of the team members to sign.

Then it was time to recognize the 8th Grade Bronze Medalists: Mira Avila, Silvana Padilla, Marina Aguilar, Arianna Sheehy, Emily Reyes, Tamirah Gallaread, Tess Tanaka, Gabby Jajeh, Bianca DeLaTorre, Tatiana Jimenez, Jasmine Barnard.

After receiving their commendations, the girls presented Mayor Lentz with a Brisbane Warriors "Mayor" jersey, which Mayor Lentz asked them to sign as well.

Coach Rich Avila and Assistant Coaches Jose Jimenez, Randy Jajeh, and Richie Egusquiza were all there for Mayor Lentz to thank for their dedication and time in coaching each team.

Congratulations to all of Brisbane's Champion Athletes!  You really make this City of Stars shine more brightly.

Jim Skeels Recognized 1/18

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Before business got underway at this past Wednesday's Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, Jim Skeels was recognized by the Commission for the many projects in Brisbane he oversaw over the years as Director of Parks and Recreation.  To see the Proclamation which was presented to Jim at the end of 2012, which lists all of those projects, please click here.  Along with current Commissioners Cris Hart, Bonnie Bologoff and Renee Marmion, past Commissioners Linda Mannion, Dan Waters, and Ken Walker were present to wish Jim their best, as well as autograph Jim's newest basketball.  Congratulations, Jim, as you "bounce" into retirement!  Your dedication to the profession has definitely made its mark, all over Brisbane!