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Caltrain Electrification Project

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09/06/2018 - 5:00pm

At last night's City Council Meeting, Caltrain Government and Community Relations Officer, Brent Tietjen, provided an overview of the Caltrain Electrification Project. 

The first set of activities will be tree pruning and foundation installation, followed by pole installation.  There are no trees planned for removal in the City of Brisbane. Additionally, starting in October, there will be weekend work on the tunnels in San Francisco which will require 24 weekend shutdowns of train service north of Bayshore Station, with supplemental bus service provided by SamTrans; a "bus bridge" will be provided from Bayshore Station to 4th and King and 22nd Street stations.

Caltrain has conducted foundation potholing in years past leading up to where the project is today.  Potholing will resume in December 2018 and last approximately 3-4 months.  In his presentation, Brent indicated that crews will utilize acoustical blankets on the louder equipment and position lights away from homes.  To view Brent's full slide deck, please click here.

Caltrain encourages the public to stay up-to-date as their Electrification Project progresses along.  Sign up for their weekly updates, or connect with them on social media (Facebook or Twitter).  For more information, please visit the project's website, www.CalMod.org.  Any questions about the project can be directed to CalMod@caltrain.com or the dedicated line for construction: (650) 399-9659 / (800) 660-4287 (Toll Free).

Note: this work is different from

Caltrain's Positive Train Control (PTC) Project - an advanced signal system that will equip the corridor with federally-mandated technology that will improve safety and increase reliability and operating performance.  However, it all falls under the umbrella of the Caltrain Electrification Project.  A separate project hotline and email address have been set up for the PTC Project - Hotline: (650) 508-7726 |  Email: PTC@caltrain.com

September 2018 Marina News

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09/03/2018 - 5:00pm

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Glen Park Way @ Humboldt Closed 9/4

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08/29/2018 - 5:00pm

Glen Park Way will be closed to thru traffic at Humboldt, or the steep curve at the top of the hill, from 9am - 4pm on Tuesday, September 4th.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank you in advance as we continue to improve our City's water system infrastructure.

September 2018 STAR Newsletter

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08/29/2018 - 5:00pm

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Front page - Anja Miller completed her second term on the Brisbane City Council in 1978, as opposed to 1974, which was the year she was invited to visit Brisbane, QLD as Mayor.

Page 3 - Coastal Cleanup Day is on Saturday, 9/15, not 9/18 as seen in the text of the article.

Brisbane Authors Collection

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08/29/2018 - 5:00pm

Pictured L to R: Albert Duro, Tony Press, Kathy Wall, and Ray Miller.

Did you know there are published authors in town, some maybe living right down the street from you? From the former Editor of the Brisbane Bee, to an author of a collection of short stories, to a children's book author, to a college-level textbook author, the group above make up just a few in-town authors whose works have been generously donated to the Brisbane Authors Collection. If you have a piece of printed work that you would like to donate to the Collection, which will be housed in the new Brisbane Library's History Room, please bring a copy of it to City Hall, to Albert Duro's attention. Albert is also the City's IT Manager, and will see to it that your signature is placed on the sticker found inside the front cover and that your work is properly chronicled as being part of the Collection. On the table are pieces that were recently donated. Add yours today for the Brisbane Community to enjoy once the new Library opens in the Fall of 2019.