Honoring Sepi Richardson

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On Tuesday, February 19th, the City Council will honor Sepi for her 15 years of service on the Brisbane City Council.  The celebration will begin at 7:00pm in the Community Meeting Room, transitioning to a reception which will be held within City Hall.  The City Council will re-convene to discuss city business following the reception.  Please click the flyer to view its full-sized version with larger text.


Just saw your announcement.

Just saw your announcement. Congratulations. jan an tommy are coming to California in May. She'll be calling.
Have a good day.

Hi Sepi; I heard about your

Hi Sepi;
I heard about your retirement at our Lunar New Year event, Congratuations.
I'd love to take you to lunch someday soon......let me know what works for you.
Your traveling bud,