Donny McClymond

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We at the City of Brisbane are deeply saddened over the loss of one of our hard-working Public Works crew members over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Donny passed away unexpectedly on Thanksgiving Day, having put in over 25 years of service to the City on the Operations and Maintenance Team, and recently serving as Public Works Team Leader.

He obviously leaves us entirely too early, at the young age of 53.  Flags at the Public Works Corporation Yard, City Hall, and Fire Station will be flown at half-mast until his funeral.  Information on services and arrangements will be posted as soon as they are made known to us.

Donny, your kind spirit, hearty laugh, and regularly-spoken parting sentiment, "Enjoy your day", are already missed so much.  We will never forget you.



Services for Donny are being

Services for Donny are being held at Mission Blue Center Thursday December 13th from 10am till 2:30 pm....
Donny we love and miss you.

As many of you may know,

As many of you may know, Donny McClymond, a long-time Brisbane Public Works staff member, passed away last week. To me, our kids and families, he was more than just a city employee.

Donny was my partner in creating a great soccer field at Brisbane Elementary. When the grass is freshly cut, the sun is shining and the field is full of kids in their soccer uniforms ready to play a game, there's no better sight in Brisbane for me. Donny knew that he and his crew were not simply cutting and watering the grass at BES, he was providing an opportunity for the kids. BES is a hard field to get right with its underground spring, hard soil and poor drainage. I'd often have to ask Donny to turn off the water in one area or turn in up in another. He was always respond to my emails with a short "will do" and would sometimes add a comment about making sure the field would be ready for the kids, or "youthful community members" as he once called them.

This past summer, our soccer league worked with Donny and a landscaper to fill in bare spots at BES. It was a great partnership that could only happen with a city and city staff willing to share responsibility to improve the field on a limited budget. We tried the same thing at a neighboring city, but they just didn't have the same can-do spirit and sense of duty to the community and kids to make that happen. Ultimately, great things happen because of dedicated individuals. We had that in Donny.

Donny, rest in peace. Your work helped make our kids happier and healthier. Your fields and parks were and will always be focal points of our community.


Ken Walker

Donny was the most

Donny was the most compassionate and equitable boss I've ever known. He made Brisbane a great place to work.
He sent me off everyday with a cheery "have fun Joey!" I will miss him dearly, but I will do my best to follow his advice.
Rest in peace my friend.

I am still in shock about

I am still in shock about Donny's passing, it doesn't seem like life should go this way. I learned alot from Donny and will always remember the nickname he gave me with a smile. He will definitely be missed.

One of the greatest

One of the greatest co-workers and friends I could have had for the last 20 years, I will truly miss you Donny, 10 mins