Water Aerobics Class

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Water Aerobics instructor, Patricia Rohn, was informed today that she needs to undergo an emergency medical procedure and therefore the Water Aerobics class has been cancelled indefinitely.  Her students were notified this morning.  As soon as we hear more information about the status of the class, her students and the Community will be informed.  Thank you for your kind understanding during this time.


Hi - have you considered a

Hi - have you considered a substitute teacher in the meantime??

Hello - yes, Ayanda and Kayla

Hello - yes, Ayanda and Kayla are scouting neighboring pools to see whether their Water Aerobics instructor can come teach in Brisbane. This instructor would need to be a certified Water Aerobics instructor and would be offered a 60/40 split. If a certified instructor is not able to be located, the Pool is looking for a volunteer (perhaps someone that's in the class) to teach on a no fee, no cost basis. If you're interested, please contact Ayanda or Kayla at (415) 657-4320. Thank you!