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Posted 4/23/2012

Volunteers Needed!

Community Center
Gardern Beautification Day
Sat. April 28 at 9 am, 250 Visitacion
Refreshments, BBQ, & t-shirt for all volunteers

Brisbane Community Day
at SF Giants Game
Memorial Day May 28, 2:05 pm Game
Tickets $20, On Sale in Parks & Rec. Office


Please help us to find a way

Please help us to find a way to let all the people of Brisbane know how much we appreciate them and their support of the new Brisbane Farmer's Market and it's vendors. We've had the pleasure of doing business in your lovely city for just a few weeks. Prior to that we knew nothing of Brisbane except it was located near 101 north. We have since realized what a hidden jewel you have. The definition of your park's name, COMMUNITY Park, personifies what Brisbane is. Visiting your city is like stepping into a movie set of small town America in the 1950's. People stopping to assist an elderly woman using a walker on the grass, a young boy picking up the packages a woman dropped, children offering to share their marshmallow with their school friends who didn't bring any money to buy their own and so many "Pleases" and "Thank Yous". The people we see attending the market each week are genuine in their interest of each other's welfare. It's like a weekly "hug fest".
We are in awe of how kind, generous, polite and charming your residents are.
There have been many children attending the market each week. We give out small samples of our treats, therefore, we have probably had each and every youngster come to our booth. We want to inform all of your residents that are parenting they are doing a fantastic job! Every single child that has come to our booth has been polite, considerate (when was the last time you saw a child pick up something for an elder?), neat and well mannered. We also want to inform your civic leaders of what a great job they are doing in promoting that unifying community spirit. We look forward to a long and mutually satisfying relationship.

Thank you for your comment,

Thank you for your comment, Elizabeth! We're really glad that you've discovered the charm of Brisbane, and look forward as well to many mutually-satisfying weeks of farmer's markets in Brisbane for you and the other vendors. You're doing a great job and Frittle Factory offers a wonderfully tasty product!