Airplane Noise in Brisbane

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You may have seen this news clip on excessive noise stemming from overhead flights leaving SFO on KTVU last night. 

Now, this afternoon on KGO (810 AM), Mike McCracken has been citing that "they [the airlines] follow FAA guidelines and paths, and only occasionally, due to safety reasons, they change path."  If this perspective has you concerned, or even shaking your head, please call in IMMEDIATELY and share your views on the topic of excessive airplane noise in Brisbane.

CALL KGO at (415) 954-8100.  Ask for NEWS DESK (ASSIGNMENT).  It is expected that Congresswoman Jackie Speier's office will be called for her take on the issue, as well.


Nothing new here, this has

Nothing new here, this has been going on for MANY years. Now there are new residents in town taking on this fight AGAIN. Input, meetings, complaints and nothing is ever done about these planes that come right over town with their loud noise and whatever their exhaust spits out.