Supreme Court Decision

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On Dec. 29, 2011 the California Supreme Court ruled on California Redevelopment Association (CRA) v. Ana Matosantos by upholding AB x1 26, the redevelopment elimination bill, and striking down AB x1 27, the bill which would have allowed redevelopment agencies to remain in operation as long as they made payments to the state. As it currently stands, redevelopment agencies will be dissolved on Feb. 1.  Click here to read more about the court’s decision.

On Monday, January 9th, the Council will be deciding whether the City will serve as both the Successor Agency and Successor Housing Agency to the former Brisbane Redevelopment Agency.  Click here to read the City Attorney’s staff report which will be presented to the Council this coming Monday, January 9th.  The meeting starts at 7:30pm in the Community Meeting Room at City Hall – 50 Park Place, Brisbane – and will be played on Ch. 27 as well as streamed live on the City’s website at


what effect does this have on

what effect does this have on the Baylands??

It's difficult to say for

It's difficult to say for sure at the moment, but one thing's for certain - the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process for the Baylands is going forward and will not be impacted by this ruling. The Draft EIR is scheduled to be ready by late March/early April.

The ruling, however, does introduce additional challenges regarding public transportation and infrastructure projects. For instance, redevelopment could have paid for a portion of the construction of roadways such as the Geneva interchange, but now other means will need to be found.

The City is working with its attorneys, the League, local representatives, and other cities to see if any subsequent legislation will positively impact our community in the clean-up of brownfields. We will keep the community posted of any news and developments that occur.