Volunteer of the Year Award

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At Monday's City Council meeting, first up on the agenda was a special presentation to recognize the City of Brisbane's 2011 Volunteer of the Year, Dan Carter.  Mayor Bologoff stated how this individual (Dan being the recipient of the 2011 VOY award was kept a surprise until the very end) has helped in many different programs over the years, as well as helps anyone that he can, from children to seniors.  Some of the programs Dan has helped with are: Concerts in the Park, youth basketball as a coach, and the Day in the Park Festival (you may recall seeing him waving a big green flag at the start line of last year's Brisbane Derby, as shown in the photo below):

Some more specific community programs you may know Dan to be heavily involved with are: Operation Santa Claus, which he oversees, making sure Santa has presents to deliver to some very deserving children; Rebuilding Together, where he was a captain for the Lions Club which completely renovated a home in Brisbane, allowing a local family to continue to live in town; and the Lion's Sierra Point Prowl "Fun Run" that he founded and which raises money for college scholarships for Brisbane students.  And, of course, Dan was instrumental in bringing back the Brisbane Derby car races back into the community after a long absence.  As gathered, Dan is a very dedicated Brisbane Lion and very much involved with all the good work they do in Brisbane.  And finally, above all else, Dan is a dedicated family man who teaches his family by example how important and rewarding it is to serve one's community and schools.  And now, it's time for some photos that illustrate this special occasion:

Dan accepting his award from Mayor Bologoff on behalf of the Brisbane City Council.

Being handed congratulatory flowers from his daughter.


Displaying his newly-presented award.  Photo credit: Alison Wilson

The updated Volunteers of the Year boulder which resides outside the front entrance of City Hall.

Thank you, Dan, for you energy, enthusiasm and great effort you continually demonstrate to each and every one of us in Brisbane!

Follow Dan's example and get involved with one of Brisbane's many local Community Clubs and Organizations.


Very well deserved!

Very well deserved! Congratulations, the Brisbane Community is very lucky
to have you.

you are more then the best! u

you are more then the best!
u volunteer for everything and do such a good job at it.
Not only to mention the hard work you do at your 7-5 (and more)
job. You are so special..wonderful..husband..son-in-law..dad..friend..
and just "Dan"!!!
Brisbane is so lucky to have you..

thanks Marsha those are very

thanks Marsha those are very kind words.

Hey Dan, just wanted to let

Hey Dan, just wanted to let you know what a wonderful and loving person I think you are.I'm very proud and honored to have you as a brother-in-law.Your an inspiration!

Thanks Lola for the kind

Thanks Lola for the kind words.