National Preparedness Month

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September marks not only back to school, but National Preparedness Month.

Recent weather events such as Hurricane Irene, the earthquake on the East Coast, and other natural disasters highlight the need for Americans to prepare for emergencies. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the American Red Cross, the Ad Council and Google Crisis Response are collaborating to launch a new preparedness web resource, Get Tech Ready on behalf of the campaign.

Released just before the start of National Preparedness Month, this new resource educates individuals and families about how using modern-day technology can help them prepare, adapt, and recover from disruptions brought on by emergencies or disasters.

Get Tech Ready provides Americans with tips on how to use technological resources before, during, and after a crisis to communicate with loved ones and manage one's financial affairs. Preparedness tips on the website include:

  • Learning how to send updates via text and internet from your mobile phone to your contacts and social channels in case voice communications are not available;  
  • Storing your important documents such as personal and financial records in the cloud or on a secure and remote area or flash or jump drive that you can keep readily available so they can be accessed from anywhere; and
  • Creating an Emergency Information Document using the Ready Family Emergency Plan [ ] to record your emergency plans. 

You can also check out the FEMA blog, which is made available in English and Spanish.

Launched in 2003, National Preparedness Month is designed to encourage Americans to take steps to prepare for emergencies throughout the year. The "Ready" campaign was also launched in 2003 by FEMA in partnership with the Ad Council. Since its launch, media outlets have donated more than $900 million in advertising time and space for the PSAs. The new PSAs will air in advertising time that will be entirely donated by the media.

It's nice to know that the media corporations are taking Emergency Preparedness seriously.  Now - it's your turn.