Visitors to the Community Pool

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If you're a regular at the Community Pool, or even happened to stop by in June, you were probably witness to the family of swallows that made one of the lights under the gazebo the location of their nest.  But if you didn't get a chance to see (or hear) these five baby swallows grow up until they were able to leave the nest a couple Saturdays ago, resident, pool frequenter, and Planning Commissioner Karen Evans Cunningham snapped the below pictures after finishing up her lap swim one day.  Enjoy, and check out the new water aerobics flyer.  In Brisbane, it's easy to get fit and experience nature at its finest -- and both at the same time.


Swallows actually :)

Swallows actually :)

Apologies to the

Apologies to the photographer! Sparrows has been replaced with swallows.

Great pictures! I especially

Great pictures! I especially love the first one. Thank you for sharing.

Ms. Cunningham did an

Ms. Cunningham did an excellent job getting these shots.