Civic Participation Project

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In an effort to hear what's on the minds of its residents, the City has started using UserVoice, a free web-based tool that allows for residents to voice ideas and suggestions, and for existing ideas in the forum to be voted up and down, depending on how much you agree with them.  As you can see when you go to the forum, renovating/replacing the Community Park play equipment tops the list. 

At this past Monday's Council meeting, a staff report outlining the various in-town projects as well as a proposal from the Brisbane School District was presented.  Council took no action at this meeting, since staff is still in the process of submitting a grant proposal, in the hopes of closing a $52,000 deficit between total project costs and the funds available to complete all three.  Final word on whether the grant is awarded the City will not be until November of this year. 

In the meantime, staff will be meeting with community leaders on the visioning work that's already been done in regards to the possible design of the new play equipment.  In the meantime, please check out the idea-sharing that's been going on specific to renovating/replacing the play equipment at the Community Park and weigh in!