Dogs in the Community Park

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Currently, dogs are allowed in the Community Park when leashed (see section I of the Municipal Code, 6.14.020).  Also, their owners must pick up after them.  However, there have been complaints of both not being the case.  For that reason, one of the items on the Parks & Recreation Commission's agenda on Wednesday, June 15th, was the issue of dogs in the Community Park.   Before making a policy recommendation that could potentially affect many a dog owner in Brisbane, they decided to defer acting on this item until more residents could be informed and share their opinions.  Therefore, if you have any opinions or ideas about dogs in the Community Park, then please attend the next Parks and Recreation Commission meeting on Wednesday, July 20th at 6:00pm.  The Commissioners want to hear your thoughts on what can be a possible solution for this issue and ensure the Community Park remains an enjoyable and safe place for all.  Also, please check out the webpage the CDC has created, called "Healthy Pets Healthy People", which was recommended as a great resource by Commissioner Linda Almeida.


Oh, for crying out loud. How

Oh, for crying out loud. How about banning PEOPLE from the park because they let their trash blow all over and leave the trash cans overflowing (thus encouraging racoons and skunks to visit the park)?