BES and Lipman Project Update

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Both the BES Restroom project and Lipman Slide Repair project are progressing as scheduled.  More visible work continues to be done each day.  If you go by the BES Field today, you'll notice a small excavator preparing the site area by grading, or making the ground level.  It's also going to be used to dig the footing where a small retaining wall will go.  A retaining wall is needed to keep the compacted gravel which the restroom will sit on in place, since the ground is naturally sloped.

The restroom facility be installed in the southeast corner of the field, between the backstop and the chain link fence that parallels San Bruno.

At Lipman, much larger equipment is needed.  That is because a much larger retaining wall is being constructed.  The below pictures show the hole being drilled for the pier (part of the support for the retaining wall), the contractor's workers setting the pier and making sure the pier is set at the required grade (elevation) and is plumb (straight). 

Stay tuned for more updates on the summer projects taking place in Public Works!


These stories would be more

These stories would be more effective if the cost to the city (or non-cost, in conjunction with Lipman) were included.

Also, I think you need to limit the time "Comments" are on the website. Is there a policy?

That's a good suggestions,

That's a good suggestions, Marge, and one we'll keep in mind when we post next on these projects.

The "Recent Comments" shown to the left get replaced as newer ones are made. As of now, there isn't a policy of when they no longer appear.