Lipman Slide Repair

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The Lipman Slide Repair Project is breaking ground...literally.  On Monday, contractors arrived on-site and the equipment (made up of 1 bulldozer excavator, 1 padfoot compactor, 1 forklift, and 1 skip loader) made its way up Visitacion Wednesday afternoon. From now until right before school is back in session, contractors will be working to cut back the hillside, which moved outwards towards the Lipman tennis courts as a result of the mudslide that occured there during the 2006 winter storms.  Below is a "before" picture of the construction site, and the aforementioned equipment:

To prevent future mudslides from ocurring in this area, a retaining wall will be installed on the hillside.  The project is anticipated to be largely paid for through a FEMA reimburseable grant, as well as some State dollars.  Work will continue throughout the summer months and conclude by the beginning of the school year in mid-August.  During this time, the tennis courts will be closed, and the area of the playing field will be limited, indicated by the orange construction fencing.  We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time of construction and rehabilitation.


What a ridicuous use of city

What a ridicuous use of city resources, when Lipman will be closed in 18 months. Unless this is FREE Obama money, I think it is a terrible waste of resources, and shoud be discontinued at this time.

Thank you for your comment,

Thank you for your comment, Mr. Jacobs. The Lipman Slide Repair is actually a School District project. They are getting reimbursed through FEMA for stabilizing the hillside, which currently poses a danger to youth that use the Lipman field and tennis courts. Also, property above could become damaged at some point if the hillside were not properly reinforced. As the project moves along, the City will continue to aid the School District with project management support. It is highly anticipated that all of the dollars spent on repairing the Lipman hillside will be reimbursed upon completion of the project.