Wildfire Awareness Event

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If you were here in Brisbane in 2008, you most certainly recall the wild fire that started near Quarry Road and burned its way through Owl and Buckeye Canyons on San Bruno Mtn.  More than 200 residents were forced to evacuate that Sunday evening, with the fast-burning fire ultimately charring an estimated 300 acres among the two ridges.  It wasn't until late afternoon on Monday that the fire was able to be contained.  Fortunately, the nighttime fog that moved in on Sunday evening, coupled with the hard work of local and regional firefighters that worked into the night prevented any homes or structures from being burned...but some on Trinity came dangerously close. 

This is why the City's Office of Emergency Services, in partnership with North County Fire Authority, conduct the annual Community Wildfire Awareness exercise each year.  This year's exercise will take place on Saturday, May 21, 2011, from 9:00am - 11:00am.  No one is being asked to evacuate during this drill, but those residents living on Trinity Road and Kings Road (up to the midpoint of the 100 block) should expect a knock on their door during this awareness event.  Firefighters will be personally delivering information to these homes, as their properties are adjacent to the "Wildland Urban Interface".  What the firefighters also want to make sure these residents know is that in the event of an ordered evacuation, residents are to proceed to the City's Residential Assembly Point, located in the parking lot next to the Sierra Point Yacht Club at the Brisbane Marina (500 Sierra Point Parkway).  This is where emergency personnel will be located to assist community members, and provide information regarding a city shelter, if one is needing to be opened.

Please note, there may be some disruption to traffic flow in the City during 9:00am - 11:00am, as there will be emergency equipment operating in town, including the possibility of a CAL FIRE helicopter.  Please spread the word to your neighbors, so that no one is unintentionally frightened with the sound of a chopper flying overhead.  It was this type of helicopter that made trips back and forth from the bay, dropping buckets of water to help douse the flames.

Brisbane is committed to the protection of life, property, and the environment.  With your assistance, we will continue to improve the public and private response to emergencies and the natural disasters we all could face.  If you have any questions regarding the Community Wildfire Awareness Exercise, please call the Director of Emergency Services, Randy Breault, at (415) 508-2131, or Frank Panacci, Deputy Fire Chief, at (650) 991-8138.