Sprucing Up the Plug Preserve

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If you went by Julie's for a deli sandwich, you may have noticed that the weeds growing around the plugs were getting to be as tall as the plugs themselves. 

Plug Preserve before

Plug Preserve after

Thanks to the dedication and work done by a Brisbane resident and Parks, Beaches, and Recreation Commissioner Cris Hart, the area outside Julie's on the corner of Mariposa and Visitacion looks a whole lot nicer.  Cris also made sure to coordinate with the Public Works Department to ensure that the green waste he trimmed down was disposed of properly. A great big THANK YOU to a great Brisbane volunteer who made the effort to keep Brisbane beautiful!  Thanks, Cris!


Has the city council ever

Has the city council ever considered posting a sign at the city park to keep dogs off of the lawn. I see folks letting their dogs pee and poop on the lawn all of the time. They pick it up BUT dog urine stains the grass and a dog owner CANNOT get up the total poop. This is very unhealthy as children play and roll on the grass. People sit on the lawn during the concerts, etc. UGH!!! Something to think about? The walking cement part would be acceptable for dogs...at least in my opinion.

This sounds like an issue

This sounds like an issue that the Parks & Recreation Commission may want to look into. Before that happens, staff will meet to discuss what the possible alternatives, such as a sign, are. Thanks for your comment!

This issue will be brought

This issue will be brought before the Parks, Beaches, and Recreation Commission at a future meeting, and they will make recommendations to the Council. Parks, Beaches, and Recreation meetings take place the 3rd Wednesday of every month in the Community Meeting Room at City Hall - 50 Park Place. If you want, you can get this on their agenda asap, by stopping by and requesting it be added.

Yes thank you Cris, a job

Yes thank you Cris, a job well done!