Lifeguard Training

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Interested in becoming a lifeguard?  Now is the time to be trained by the best!  Participants must be 15 years of age, have the ability to swim 300 yards continuously and with rhythmic breathing, and be able to retrieve a 10-pound object from 8 feet deep and swim 20 yards with the object.  Participants must also have a good work ethic!  Training will take place between April 4 - 8, 2011.  Please call (415) 657-4321 for more information.


Hi, I was wondering if any

Hi, I was wondering if any additional lifeguard training classes will be offered this month?

Unfortunately, no, not this

Unfortunately, no, not this month, but there may tentatively be one scheduled for the Fall. Lifeguard Training typically takes place in the Fall and Spring months. You may want to check out the Red Cross Bay Area Chapter to see which other pools in your area are offering Lifeguard Training. Here is the link to the PDF of all Bay Area pools:

Hope that helps!

I would like to know if there

I would like to know if there will be a lifeguard training program this year. If so, how do I sign up?

Yes, Lifeguard Training is

Yes, Lifeguard Training is scheduled to take place this year between April 2-6. You can sign up by calling (415) 657-4321.

what are the times of the

what are the times of the workshops? are they in the morning, day or afternoon?

The trainings will be taking

The trainings will be taking place from 9am - 4pm, April 4th - 8th. For more info, contact Julie Weidner at 657-4321.

I would like to know if you

I would like to know if you will be having more life guard training classes this year.

Hi Nicole, another training

Hi Nicole, another training will most likely be offered in either September or October. The dates and times for this training are currently being worked out and will be posted at the pool once determined. You can also e-mail Julie Weidner at for more information as Fall approaches.