New City Website

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As you can see, the City's new website is up and running!

If you would like to make any suggestions please comment below.  Thanks for your feedback!


I like the wider variety of

I like the wider variety of info now available, but I doubt I will be keeping up to date because I used a feed reader with the old city blog. Any chance you can turn on rss/atom for the new city blog? Drupal should support it.

RSS feeds are now available

RSS feeds are now available on the site on the city blog page ( at the top of the page is an RSS feed link

Thanks for your comments

I have to admit that I never

I have to admit that I never use them myself and see it as visual clutter so I left it off. But I do believe it is straightforward to include it so I will check it out and let you know so you can test it! Thanks.

New resident here. I used the

New resident here. I used the old blog to get aquainted with the goings-on of Brisbane before I moved here from SF. I like the new look of the main site, but I'm a bit disappointed in the "blog", which isn't really a blog anymore, but a collection of abbreviated "news" posts, like an RSS feed. I liked the standard blog format the old blog had (like a Wordpress blog). But, congratulations, and nice work on the main site! :)

That's an interesting

That's an interesting observation - we would like to make the news section more blog-like. Thanks for the input, we will look into it.

Big improvement over the old

Big improvement over the old website. Has a professional but "warm" feel to it. Love the new photos. Hope the 2010 council and commission minutes will be posted with expediency after all meetings.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Because of it, we've added another "I Want To" menu item...I Want To >> Report >> Airplane Noise. Check it out!

What a terrific job on the

What a terrific job on the new website. Congratulations C.J. Macdonald and Caroline on your very professional, thoughtful work. And delivered on time. Great job. Also thanks to Lee Panza for some of the terrific photography. Because the website is interactive, it is constantly updated as meetings are held and publications released. This is a great feature.

Congratulations! GREAT

Congratulations! GREAT photos, and the ways that one can interact with the site to find information seem intelligent.

Inspired by a current topic on BrsNet, here is a suggestion for the "I Want To" list: "report a very loud plane that just flew overhead" :-)

Thanks to all of you for this wonderful new website!