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Sailboat Rescue at the Marina

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It was a windy Friday morning at the Brisbane Marina, with 30 MPH northwest winds and choppy conditions.  When boater Scott Wall arrived at the south end of the Marina that morning, he saw Marina Director Randy Breault and Lead Marina Maintenance Worker Dolan Shoblo monitoring the water with binoculars.  Scott looked towards Oyster Point and saw what they were observing – a sailboat was pitching up and down with the heavy wave action, and appeared to be in imminent danger of losing its anchor, which would have resulted in it being pushed towards certain destruction against the Oyster Point break wall.  However, Harbormaster Michael Hahn, Marina Maintenance Worker Chris Redfield, and Marina tenant/good samaritan Michael Lael were already deployed on the Marina’s boat and enroute to the vessel in distress.  Being a very experienced sailor, Michael was able to transfer from the marina boat to the distressed vessel, and assist that captain with receipt of a tow line and management of the sailboat’s anchor lines.  The Marina boat was then able to tow the sailboat safely back to safe harbor in our Marina.  Thanks to the quick work of the Marina staff and fellow boaters that helped with the morning rescue, this sailboat and her crew survived to sail another day. 

Enjoy pictures of the resuce below, which were captured by Scott Wall.

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