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Joe Riedell, Sr.

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On Friday, February 17, 2012, Facilities Attendant Joe Riedell was working at the Senior Sunrise Room when Brisbane resident and Senior Club member Carol Gee began to choke on the sandwich she was eating.  While Ms. Gee's face was beginning to turn blue and other participants in the Sunrise Room attempted to assist her, Joe swiftly came to her rescue and skillfully administered the Heimlich maneuver, quite possibly saving Ms. Gee's life.  Joe Riedell's actions were timely and in accordance with the professional manner that the City of Brisbane expects of its employees.  

Recreation Supervisor Russ Carmick proudly awarded Joe with his commendation at this past Wednesday's Senior Luncheon, as seen in the above photo.  Joe was also recognized at this past Monday's City Council meeting, where he looked ever-so-dapper.

Joe, you truly exemplify what it means to serve the public, and have touched many lives with your heart of service (bravely even saving one!).  We commend you for being such a great example to us all!

Private Marina Restrooms

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If you're a frequent visitor to the Brisbane Marina, you probably noticed that construction work started this past Monday, March 5th, at the southend private boater restrooms.  A much-needed remodeling job for the bathrooms was necessary, which themselves are nearly 30 years old.  The project is being funded through the 2% increase in berth rates, which the City Council unanimously adopted at their June 20, 2011 meeting.  The remodeling work includes new wall and floor tiles, ADA-accessible showers, toilets, and sinks, as well as new fixtures and fittings.  The lefthand picture illustrates the poor quality the bathrooms, notably the shower areas, were in.  Work is estimated to be completed over the next couple months, so please exercise caution if walking along the pathway near Dock 1.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 3/15/2012

Brisbane Baylands Comm. Advisory Group
Baylands Contamination & Clean Up
Tues., Mar. 20, 7 pm, Comm. Ctr.
Speakers:  Charles Gribble, DTSC re: Schlage & N. RR Yard
and Vic Pal, RWQCB, re: So. RR Yard and Landfill


Brisbane Eagles Club
Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner
Sat., Mar. 17, 4-6 pm, 185 Visitacion
$10/person, Benefit for the Jimmy Durante Fund

Posted 3/12/2012

Brisbane Parks and Recreation Department
Youth Summer Camp
Resident Only Reg. Starts Mar. 20
Information:  508-2140

Kinder Morgan Burn Off

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Earlier this evening, the City was notified by Kinder Morgan's Safety Liason about a burn off that needed to be conducted in order to replace one of its small gas tanks.  All of the tank's fuel has already been removed, but before the tank itself can be moved, a burn off must first occur.  The location of this tank is situated towards the southern end of Kinder Morgan's property (near Lagoon), so the large orange glow that is estimated to persist for 8 hours and into the night will be clearly visible to those whose homes are situated higher up on the Mountain or on The Ridge.  Since the burn off will certainly be a sight that our residents are not accustomed to, we wanted to pass along this information; namely, that Kinder Morgan's Safety Liason has assured the City that this burn off is not hazardous, and that both the Police and Fire Departments are aware of the fact of the burn off taking place tonight.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 3/5/2012

Brisbane School Board Meeting
Results of School District Studies
Wednesday, March 7, 7PM, City Hall
Please Join Us!

Brisbane Lions Club
Annual Benefit Crab Dinner
Sat., Mar. 10, 6 pm, Miss. Blue Ctr.

Posted 3/2/2012

Brisbane Community Pool
Lifeguard Training
Mon., Apr. 2 - Fri., Apr. 6, 10 am - 4 pm
Information:  657-4320 

2012    S C H O L A R S    A W A R D S
U p  t o  $ 2, 5 0 0    -    A P P L Y    N O W  !
Applications at City Hall, Library &
Brisbane  LIONS  Club


March is Red Cross Month

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For an organization that's comprised of 97% volunteers, equal to 100 million individuals world-wide, there is never a time when financial donations aren't welcomed by The American Red Cross.  As a humanitarian service organization which esteems "Universality" as one of its core values, donated dollars are used by The Red Cross to purchase supplies in the locations that need their assistance.  Such was the case in the September 2010 San Bruno Pipeline Explosion, where monetary assistance went towards purchasing food and supplies from local businesses.  Buying locally also ensures that those affected by a disaster are getting exactly what they need to recover, and not just "stuff" that's been dropped off at the Volunteer Intake Center (The Red Cross received a truck-load of ski jackets when assisting with relief efforts in Haiti after the January 2010 earthquake). March is an especially good time to support The Red Cross as they work to prevent, prepare, and respond to disasters.  Click here to donate to either disaster relief, where the need is greatest, or the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter.

If you'd like to get involved with The Red Cross, April 14, 2012 is Save-A-Life Saturday 2012.  Participants will learn:

  • Hands-only Citizen CPR
  • Basic first aid
  • Managing shock
  • Personal and household disaster preparedness skills

Sessions will be offered in Spanish and English, with Tongan translation.  Click here to sign up.  Spaces are limited!

Arts Advocate of the Year

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At this year's Artists Evening of Sharing on February 25th, Moira McShane Lukas was honored as the 2012 Arts Advocate of the Year by the Brisbane City Council.  Moira's love of the arts and her artistic talents served as a catalyst into Brisbane's arts programs that began when her children were in school.  She is a founding member of the Brisbane Dance Workshop (BDW) and was a member of the Board of Directors for 10 years.  She created costumes, props, and did make-up for BDW performances and Lipman musicals, in addition to assisting with Brisbane Elementary School and Lipman's Visual Arts programs.  Even the family dog, Kokomo, joined in the creative and generous act of assisting with the arts by having his white coat spray-painted with coffee to be Sandy for a production of "Annie" at Lipman.

Moira's involvement with the arts didn't stop when her children graduated from school.  Moira is an accomplished watercolor artist who has won awards around the Bay Area and received the Mayor's Art Achievement Award from the City of Brisbane.  Moira is a member of the Brisbane Dance Workshop Adult Singing Group and has performed at numerous events, such as the 2011 Festival of Lights, as seen in the below photo.  Most graciously, Moira has donated one original watercolor painting to the BDW Silent Auction for the past 25 years.  Moira's paintings have always been a significant focus of attention at the auctions.

We have been honored over the years to receive the benefits of Moira's commitment to the arts.  Congratulations, Moira, and thank you for your dedication to the arts and the community, and for sharing your talents.  It has truly been a joy and an honor to behold.


Check out the "Sharing Artists Sharing 2012 Trailer" by Brisbane filmmaker Keith Moreau, which features Moira and other gifted Brisbane artists, at his website

March 2012 CityNews

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Click here to read the March 2012 CityNews.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 2/27/2012

Lipman Productions Presents
Peter Pan
Tuesday, Feb. 28 and Friday, Mar 1, 7:30 pm
Information 467-9541

Lions Club Crab Dinner

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 Come and enjoy Fresh Cracked Crab, Pasta, Fresh Green Salad, Garlic Bread, Biscotti, Beverages, Beer or Wine, and Coffee.  Thanks to Bakers of Paris and Madhouse Coffee for their donations!

Police Cars Get a New Look

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By: Commander Robert Meisner
Traditionally, Police cars have been Black and White. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, departments began experimenting with different paint schemes, one of the more popular at the time being a variation of all white. In 1989, the Brisbane Police Department followed suit and began deploying the all white design that we’ve had ever since.
In the late 1990’s, police departments began a migration back to the traditional black and white. Reasons cited for switching back were: better visibility, tradition, officer morale, crime reduction and community relations by giving the citizens the added comfort of seeing a “united” law enforcement front.
The men and women of the Brisbane Police Department take pride in our image and appearance in the community. The black and white patrol car is a tradition, and a universal sign of professionalism. With nearly every other agency having made the change, we feel that the time is appropriate for us to do so as well. As a result, and due to respect for the current economic situation, the officers of the Brisbane Police Officers Association have offered to pay for the painting of the first four cars. Future patrol cars will be ordered black and white from the manufacturer.
To enhance this new look, we are taking the opportunity to add our department motto to the side of the cars; “In Partnership with the Community.”  We take great pride in this approach to preserving the unique environment of the community we serve.
So the next time you see a black and white police car patrolling Brisbane, know that it is still the dedicated members of the Brisbane Police Department making every effort to enhance the services that we provide.

New Yacht Broker

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At their Tuesday, February 21st meeting, the City Council approved a new yacht broker agreement for the Brisbane Marina.  The agreement is with Michael Wiest Yacht Sales, who also has an office at Emory Cove Yacht Harbor, located in Emeryville.  This second office will be located on the second floor of the Harbormaster Building at Brisbane Marina.  Michael Wiest (pictured right) brings with him 36 years in the yachting industry, and is considered one of the top yacht brokers in California.  But if you're interested in purchasing a boat, it's better to come down to the Marina in person, as it's likely a representative from Michael Wiest will be out looking at boats on the docks.  Skip Johnson be on-site 9am-5pm Monday-Friday or by appointment.  You can get in touch with Skip by calling (925) 819-1460.

'Sharing Artists Sharing'

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As the 11th Annual Artists Evening of Sharing comes to Brisbane, scheduled to take place this Saturday, Feb. 25th, at 7:30pm in Mission Blue Center, a few short films produced by local filmmakers is available for viewing at the website   The short films do an excellent job of portraying the local artistic talent that resides in Brisbane, from singers/songwriters, to participatory artists and choreographers, to painters and photographers and of course, filmmakers.  Take a look at the films and enjoy Brisbane's local artistic talent, LIVE, this Saturday at Brisbane's Artists Evening of Sharing!

Signboard Postings

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Posted 2/23/2012

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Mens & Co-ed Softball
Registration Deadline:  March 19th
Information (415) 508-2143

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Softball Scorekeeper Wanted
Tuesdays and Wednesday Nights, $14.00/game
To Apply Call (415) 508-2143

Posted 2/18/2012


San Bruno Mountain Watch
Spring 2012 Native Plant Sale
Sat., Feb. 25mm 9 am - 2 pm, Behind 3445 Bayshoe Blvd
Cash/Check Only, Please bring your own boxes

City of Brisbane
Sat., Feb. 25th, 7:30 pm, Mission Blue Ctr.

Bay Bridge Westbound Closure

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Westbound lanes to San Francisco will be closed from 8 p.m. on Friday until 5 a.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 21, so that construction crews can demolish part of the old bridge and begin building the approach to the new span. Eastbound traffic will not be affected. After the closing, there will be what Caltrans calls “a slight detour” after the toll plaza.

Source: The Bay Citizen (

Starting tonight at 8:00pm, the Bay Bridge westbound span towards San Francisco will be closed, reopening at 5:00am on Tuesday, February 21st.  The eastbound span will remain open during the closure.  An app for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone, titled "Bay Bridge Explorer", has been developed to give motorists an idea of how the new east span of the Bridge Bridge will feel when it opens Labor Day Weekend 2013.  The new east span is being built alongside the old east span, which is 75 years old and slated for removal.  Click here for more information and download the app.

Mission Blue Native Plant Nursery

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On Saturday, February 25th from 9:00am - 2:00pm, the Mission Blue Native Plant Nursery will be selling exclusively plants native to San Bruno Mountain.  San Bruno Mountain Watch operates the nursery in cooperation with Friends of San Bruno Mountain.  Proceeds benefit the Mountain and San Bruno Mountain Watch's stewardship volunteer programs. All plants are grown from seeds or cuttings collected by permit on San Bruno Mountain.  A Spring 2012 Native Plant Sale List is available by clicking here.  Cash or check only.  Bring your own boxes and click here if you need directions to the nursery.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 2/15/2012

Brisbane Elementary School
Kindergarten Registration
Is Now Open, Mon-Fri, 9-1 pm and 2-4pm
500 San Bruno Ave, Info (415) 467-0120

Posted 2/12/2012

Live at Mission Blue Presents
Music of the 17th Century
w/ Jung Hae Kim and Kevin Cooper
Sat. Feb. 18th, 7:30 pm, Mission Blue Ctr.


"No Deposit, No Return"

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Everywhere we turn, technology seems to have advanced lightyears ahead.  While those strides continue to take place, it's nice to be able to take a look back to see how far we've come as a society...and in such a short amount of time.  A fine example of this can be found in the KRON-TV documentary, "No Deposit, No Return", produced in 1965 as part of the station's Biography Series.  Brisbane resident Michele Salmon brought a DVD copy to Councilmember Conway who shared it with city staff.  Upon viewing it, it was seen that the sound and audio quality were not of optimal quality.  Therefore the original 16mm film of "No Deposit, No Return" was traced down to SF State University's TV Archives Dept., and in the able hands of Resident Film Archivist Alex Cherian who had the know-how and tools to digitally restore the 26 minute reel of film.  The result can now be viewed by anyone on the San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive's website by clicking here.  The short film can also be seen on Ch. 27 during the month of February during the following times:


Feb. 14    8:30am, 3:30pm
Feb. 15    8:30am
Feb. 16    7:30pm
Feb. 17    8:30am
Feb. 18    2:30pm
Feb. 19    5:00pm
Feb. 20    3:30pm, 7:30pm
Feb. 21    8:30am
Feb. 22    3:30pm, 7:30pm
Feb. 23    8:30am
Feb. 24    8:30pm
Feb. 25    5:30pm
Feb. 26    8:30am
Feb. 27    7:00pm
Feb. 28    3:30pm, 7:00pm
Feb. 29    8:30am
Enjoy the newly-remastered version of "No Deposit, No Return", and see how far we've come as a COMMUNITY as well.


Strong Cities, Strong State

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The City Management Foundation (CCMF) and League of California Cities have come together to initiate a program to connect Californians to the great services that are provided in their cities, the elected leadership management team that oversees those services, and the pride city residents feel in their cities' history, traditions, and record of excellence.  It is also designed to help state leaders understand that California is strong in large measure because it has 482 strong cities - each with a unique character, history, and array of public services.

Check out Brisbane's page by clicking here, which itself was launched on Monday, January 30th - the first in San Mateo County.  You'll find project/program "Success Stories", testimonials from the business community as well as other "Key Influentials" in the City, and a good analogy of how a City Council and City Manager work together with staff to ensure the services provided to the residents and businesses in Brisbane continue to reflect the level of professionalism and care expected by those who live and work in the "City of Stars".

Artists Evening of Sharing

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Come by Mission Blue Center (475 Mission Blue Drive, Brisbane) on Saturday, February 25th at 7:30pm to enjoy a showcase of local Brisbane art, presented by the artists themselves.  There is no admission fee, just come and enjoy! 

There will be an Arts Advocate Reception during Intermission.  Refreshments will be served.

Thank you to our Brisbane Police Officers who help coordinate the Holiday Canned Food Drive and will again be ensuring that all the canned and packaged foods collected at the Artists Evening of Sharing are distributed to Brisbane residents in need.

Plan Bay Area

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Bay Area residents can express their priorities for how our region should grow and what kind of transportation system we will need to support that growth via an online workshop sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG).

The virtual workshop, which takes just a few minutes and runs through February 15, 2012, will help the agencies decide on transportation and housing/land-use investments and policies for the nine-county region over the next 25 years. It follows the format of nine public forums that were held in each county in January as part of an ongoing outreach effort. Taking this survey helps to ensure that decisions we make today help build a region that meets the needs of current and future residents.

Signboard Postings

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Posted 2/7/2012

Francisco R. Macias
Rosary 6 pm & Mass 7 pm on 2/13 @ Church of Visitacion
Memorial 11 am on 2/12 @ Skylawn Memorial Pk.

Posted 2/6/2012

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Youth Spring Camp
Mar. 26 - April 6, Registration Opens Feb. 14
Information:  508-2140

The Smiling Crossing Guard: 1985-1996
Dawn L. Bayne
Brisbane Citizen since 1960
Springtime Memorial Service Pending

Spring 2012 STAR

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Click here to read the Spring 2012 STAR.

Brisbane's LED Lights

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In September, the City completed its latest lighting upgrade, thanks to a $25,000 Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  This upgrade took place at the Marina Shared Use Parking Lot, which serves the the City's Marina, the public fishing pier, the Harbormaster's Office, and the Sierra Point Yacht Club. 

Last year the City completed a citywide project to replace 372 high-pressure sodium vapor street lights with energy efficient LED models. That project was funded with a low-interest loan of $189,930 from the Energy Conservation Assistance Act (ECAA), which provides low-interest loans for local governments, public schools and hospitals, public care institutions and other agencies for energy efficiency and energy-producing projects. The program was administered by the California Energy Commission.

And on January 30th, Brisbane was 1 of 10 cities featured in the Forbes article, "10 California Cities Saving Money with LED Street Lights".  Check out the article, and consider using LEDs in your own home...they consume up to 80% less electricity than traditional ights.  Your electricity bill will thank you!

Baylands Site Visit

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This past Tuesday, January 31st, a team of four individuals, one from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Washington D.C. headquarters, one from EPA's regional office in San Francisco, and two from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Denver, CO arrived in Brisbane to conduct a site visit of the Brisbane Baylands.  Brisbane is one of 26 entities that were selected nationwide last November to receive technical assistance from the EPA/NREL is the form of a renewable energy study.  The report will focus on "best in class" solar design (under the Repowering program, the EPA/NREL was only able to fund a single power type at each of the 26 sites) as well as financing models to give an idea of payback and is expected to be completed within the next 4-6 months. The City looks forward to incorporating the results of this study into the Baylands planning process. 

Signboard Postings

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Posted 2/3/2012

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Youth Art Classes
Feb. 16 - Mar 22, 4:40 - 6 pm, Miss. Blue Ctr.
Ages:  6- 13 yrs, $85.00/residents
Information 508-2143

Posted 2/1/2012

City of Brisbane
Water Bills are due
February 6th

Posted 1/30/2012

Brisbane Parks And Recreation Department
Bootcamp Fitness Classes
Free Trial Class This Wednesday!
Mon., & Wed., 6:15 am, Comm. Park
Information 508-2143

Airplane Noise in Brisbane

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You may have seen this news clip on excessive noise stemming from overhead flights leaving SFO on KTVU last night. 

Now, this afternoon on KGO (810 AM), Mike McCracken has been citing that "they [the airlines] follow FAA guidelines and paths, and only occasionally, due to safety reasons, they change path."  If this perspective has you concerned, or even shaking your head, please call in IMMEDIATELY and share your views on the topic of excessive airplane noise in Brisbane.

CALL KGO at (415) 954-8100.  Ask for NEWS DESK (ASSIGNMENT).  It is expected that Congresswoman Jackie Speier's office will be called for her take on the issue, as well.

Lifeguard Training

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Interested in becoming a lifeguard?  Now is the time to be trained by the best!  Participants must be at least 15 years of age, have the ability to swim 300 yards continuously and with rhythmic breathing, be able to retrieve a 10-pound object from 8 ft. deep and swim 20 yards with the object, and tread water for 2 minutes using only legs.  Participants also must have a good work ethic!  Please call (415) 657-4321 for more information.

Dates: April 2 - 6
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Location: Brisbane Community Pool (2 Solano St.)
Fee: $200 Resident / $275 Non-Resident

Serve Your Community

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Applications to serve on the Open Space and Ecology Committee are especially needed to immediately fill 3 open seats.  Consider the great rewards of being able to meet as a body to make recommendations to the City Council. 
You can be the one that makes a difference in this community, so download the application and submit it to Sheri Spediacci, City Clerk, at or drop it off to her at City Hall - don't delay!

Signboard Postings

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Posted 1/27/2012

Interested in serving your community on the
Open Space & Ecology Committee?
To apply, call 415-508-2113

Posted 1/25/2012

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Department
Agile Aging Classes
Promotes Senior Movement & Balance
Tuesdays, 10:30 am, 2 Visitacion Ave
Information:  508-2143

Posted 1/24/2012

Get on Nextdoor
And get connected with your neighbors

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