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The new Brisbane Town Hall area of the City's website will allow you to post and comment* on ideas being shared by your fellow community members.

Comments made on Brisbane Town Hall are considered public records, subject to disclosure under State law.

You can view the forum topics at any time.  However, to leave a comment, you will first need to register with the City's website or connect to the platform using your Facebook credentials.

The Brisbane Town Hall system is integrated with social networking services to allow for forum topics to be easily shared.

Note: Brisbane Town Hall officially replaces Uservoice, but all of the ideas shared on that platform can be still viewed from the City's website, under "Connections".

We look forward to engaging with you on Brisbane Town Hall!

* Please treat everyone utilizing Brisbane Town Hall with proper decorum and respect.  Staff is regularly monitoring postings to the forums and will remove any content misaligned with the City's Social Media Policy.  For example, content that is profane, sexually explicit, harassing or contains abusive language will be removed.  Any deleted comments will still remain a part of the public record.  Click here to view the City's full Social Media Policy.

Introductory Topics (please comment by Tuesday, 12/1)

We are starting out with three topics that deal specifically with the Parkside at Brisbane Village Precise Plan.  Of course, Parkside at Brisbane Village is not the only issue Brisbane Town Hall will be focused around; it's just what we're rolling out with.  We're hoping to hear from Brisbane residents who weren't able to attend the 10/24 Parkside Pop-Up Workshop on Old County Rd. in person (link to the event photo album on Flickr).  Here are the first three forum topics.

  1. Building Types and Styles for the Parkside area
  2. Community Park Uses
  3. Gateway Element on Old County Rd.

Our goal is to have all 7 boards featured at the Pop-Up event translated into a forum topic so that those who didn't get a chance to participate in-person can chime in.  Thus, new topics will be introduced every 2-3 weeks, taking us to the end of 2015.

The consultants, MIG, will be viewing the feedback left on the forums related to the Parkside Precise Plan, along with the City Council, City Manager, and Community Development Director.


Photo by Kyle Adams

Save Our Water

On July 28, 2014, the State’s Water Resources Control Board’s emergency conservation water regulation to reduce outdoor water use went into effect.

More information is at

60's Baseball

Contributed by the Brisbane Youth Sports Association (BYSA)

Mission Blue Butterfly

Photo by Karen Cunningham

Brisbane Derby 2010

 Photo by Caroline Cheung

Day in the Park 2010

Photo by Caroline Cheung

Brisbane Marina 02

Photo by Scott Mucci
Creative Commons Licensed

Houses on the Hill

Photo by C.J. MacDonald
Used By Permission

Brisbane Stars on Visitation

Photo by Lee Panza
Used By Permission

Used By Permission

Brisbane Hardware in Winter

Photo by C.J. MacDonald
Used By Permission

Caltrain and Lagoon

Photo by Ken Johnson, Community Development Department