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The current list of projects out to bid, provided by Barker Blue.  If you are having any problems with it please notify usReturn to Public Works home page

Request for Proposal - 2014 Crack Seal Project (Due: July 24, 2014 by 12:00pm) - We are putting out a Request for Quote for the crack sealing of various streets in Brisbane, CA.  The bid opening will take place on July 24, 2014 at 12:00 PM at City Hall at 50 Park Place, Brisbane, CA; sealed bids are due at this time.   Faxed proposals will not be accepted. 

Responses to the questions submitted by e-mail to Senior Civil Engineer Karen Kinser can be found below:

1.                  Regarding the four different concepts (sizes), is the City looking to build all four parks or are the different sizes to determine cost? 

The four park sizes are based upon the plot of land where the existing skatepark is located, at the intersection of Old County Road and Park Lane.  It's in a small parking lot (the first dimension) with asphalt concrete surfacing and has a wooden half pipe and a couple of freestanding metal elements.  The second dimension would expand that existing site to the property lines or back of sidewalk and eliminate some planting areas.  The third dimension was arrived at by shifting the adjacent basketball court northwest to the back of sidewalk along the perpendicular segment of Park Lane.  The fourth dimension utilizes the area between the basketball court and the back of sidewalk of the perpendicular segment of Park Lane as a skate spot or dot.  A google map with satellite of the intersection of Old County Road and Park Lane, Brisbane, California will help to illustrate existing conditions.  The options the City would decide between would be Option 1, 2, 3, or 4, or 1 & 4 combined or 2 & 4 combined.

2.                  Will a Geotech report be provided by City?

We have Geotechnical reports for properties in the very near vicinity.  Those can be made available at Brisbane City Hall for review during the proposal period.

3.                  Will a Site survey be provided by City?

We are not planning to perform a site survey, but we will be responsible to verify property boundaries during the design phase.

4.                  Will the city be acting as the engineer or record or should the proposing firm provide their own civil engineer and landscape architect?

The proposing firm shall provide their own engineer and landscape architect.