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Stormwater Information

The State's Water Board has stringent requirements on projects that will replace or add new impervious surfaces.  If your proposal will add or replace any outdoor impervious surfaces, please complete the C.3 and C.6 Development Review Checklist and attach it to your building permit application. If you would like the review checklist as an excel spreadsheet, please contact us at 415-508-2120.  For small projects and residential, please complete the Stormwater Checklist for Small projects.

Note that the stormwater checklist is an initial screening form/worksheet and depending on your project, supplemental materials may also be required.

For further information, please visit the San Mateo County - Water Pollution Prevention website.  You may also refer to the county-wide guidance handbook C.3 Stormwater Technical Guidance, Version 3.2, which was designed to help developers, builders, and project sponsors include post-construction stormwater controls in their projects, in order to meet local municipal requirements that reduce the long term impacts of development on stormwater quality and creek channels.  For the C.3 regulations refer to the the California Regional Water Quality Control Board Municipal Regional Stormwater NPDES Permit.