Community Development Department

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The Community Development Department is responsible for the development and maintenance of community goals regarding the natural and built environment.  This includes planningbuilding permits and code enforcement

The department provides administration to the Planning Commission and support to the City Council.  The department is tasked with maintaining the City's General Plan, the blue print for the future of the City, and reviewing permit applications. The Community Development Director serves as the Zoning Administrator.

Latest News

The City Council adopted modified accessory (“secondary") dwelling unit (ADU) regulations at their February 2, 2017 meeting, which are now in effect. The modifications include eliminating minimum lot size and on-site parking requirements for ADUs, and allowing homeowners to convert existing spaces in a single-family home or accessory buildings into ADUs with a building permit. Read the City Council agenda report for the full scope of the modified regulations.

The next Planning Commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 11th, 2017 at 7:30pm.  All meetings are held in the Community Meeting Room at City Hall, 50 Park Place, Brisbane.  To view past Planning Commission meetings, please visit here.

At their February 9th, 2017 meeting, the Planning Commission considered City Council-initiated zoning text amendments to regulate personal cultivation of medical cannabis (“marijuana”) and medical cannabis businesses. The Commission adopted Resolution RZ-6-16 recommending approval of the proposed zoning text amendments to the City Council. Check out the meeting here.

The next City Council Baylands meeting will be held on May 4th, 2017 - Study Session at 6pm and Hearing at 7:30pm. The complete City Council's Baylands meeting schedule may be viewed here. 

Please visit the Baylands Planning Commission Hearings to view past workshops, hearings and deliberations meetings, and written correspondence. 

Parkside News: The City Council revisited the Parkside land use alternatives at their September 1st meeting. Check out the meeting video of their discussion and visit the Parkside Plan webpage for project updates!



Planning Division:  Includes planning application form and fee schedule, planning application handouts, zoning and land use maps, outline of development projects and sites in the City, the General Plan, Planning Commission and Zoning Administrator information.

Building Division & Code Enforcement:  Includes general information on what type of work requires a permit, building permit handouts, a building permit fee estimator, a list of building codes used by the City and information on the code enforcement process.

The Baylands
Includes an outline with links to the various materials that have been prepared as part of the Baylands planning and EIR process.