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Be a West Nile Watcher

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April 24 - 30 is West Nile Virus and Mosquito and Vector Control Awareness Week.  

Be a West Nile Watcher and report all dead birds and squirrels to the California Department of Public Health West Nile Virus and Dead Bird Hotline: (877) 968-BIRD (2473) or online at  The State of California uses ALL reports to help identify "hot spots" of West Nile virus activity.

When reporting dead birds and squirrels, please provide the following:

  • Location of animal (city, zip code, street address, or intersection)
  • Description of animal (color, size, and type/species (if known)
  • Date found and condition of animal (intact, runover)

Hotline operators are available 7 days a week 8:00am - 5:00pm.  Please leave a message is after-hours.  Thank you in advance for helping protect the Brisbane community from West Nile virus by reporting any dead birds and squirrels in town.

Last Chance to Sign Up

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Assistant to the City Manager Fred Smith retired from the City of Brisbane a few months ago.  Please join us as we celebrate this new chapter of his life!  See below for all the event details.  For more information and to RSVP, please contact City Clerk Sheri Spediacci at 415-508-2113 or


National Rebuilding Day

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National Rebuilding Day isn't until next Saturday (4/30), but several dedicated Lions have already begun pouring in plenty of hours in sweat equity.  That is because they want to ensure that the property they are voluntarily rehabilitating at 113 Mariposa is completed in a timely fashion.  Kudos to all the Lions who are lending their time, skills, and of course, sweat, in this home rehabilitation project!

From left: Marc Salmon, Dan Carter, Bill Dettmer, and Sue Cochran

Signboard Postings

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Posted 4/22/11

Brisbane Lions Club
Easter Egg Hunt
Sun., Apr. 24, 1 pm, Lipman School


Posted 4/20/11

In Loving Memory Of
Vince Marsili
Long Time Brisbane Resident
Former Public Wroks Supervisor


Posted 4/18/11

In Loving Memory Of
Diana Owens
Long Time Brisbane Resident
You will be missed

Brisbane School District Fundraiser
Wild West Spring Thing
Sat., Apr. 3th , 6;30 - 11 pm, 100 Cypress
Tickets Online:





3.8 Earthquake

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Twenty minutes ago, a rumble was heard throughout Brisbane.  It lasted not even two seconds, but it was unquestionable that we had just been hit with an earthquake.

Hopefully, if you were sitting at a desk, your first instinct was to drop to the floor and get under it and hold on.  If you were walking in an office building, perhaps you located the nearest doorway and headed in its direction.  If you were outside, hopefully you thought to move to an area clear of buildings, trees, and power lines.

Information on the quake can be found on the USGS website.  And wouldn't you is the 105th anniversary of the big San Francisco earthquake of 1906.

We hope that this small quake we just experienced will move you to discuss family/household preparedness with your loved ones, and read up on what you need to do before, during and after an earthquake strikes.  We can't predict the future, but we can certainly prepare for it.


Energy Upgrade

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Energy Upgrade California is a new statewide energy efficiency incentive program offered through the California Public Utilities Commission and the California Energy Commission.

Visit the Energy Upgrade California website ( to find out about:

  • Available incentives for home energy improvements
  • Participating Contractors
  • Innovative financing options

Making energy upgrades can help you save electricity, gas, and water in your home, lower your monthly bills, and qualify you for up to $4,000 in rebates offered through PG&E.

There is also an Energy Upgrade Call Center, which we told you about in a previous post.

And, if you're a contractor who is interested in gaining a certification needed to do the types of upgrades the Energy Upgrade program recommends, you'll want to check out a free introductory workshop.  There is one taking place in Santa Rosa on Saturday, April 30th.  Registration is limited, so sign up quickly if you're interested.  Click here to do so and for more information.


We've Gone Paperless

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If you've been down at the Finance Counter at City Hall recently, most notably to pay your PG&E bill, you would have noticed that your check was returned back to you after it was endorsed on our end.  That's because we have a new system in place that electronically sends the check information over to the bank and we hold onto less paper.  It's a swift process, and - who knows - checkbooks may soon be a thing of the past.  Additionally, the Finance Dept. is no longer receiving paper statements from Bank of America, nor copies of checks.  We like this new system, and you can be assured it's not only smart, convenient online bill storage, but it's secure as well.

Time For Some Weed-Picking

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You may recall receiving a letter earlier this week from North County Fire Authority, asking you to trim down any excessive weeds located on your property.  The importance of doing so should be of no surprise, especially in light of the 2008 fire that erupted on a quiet Sunday evening on San Bruno Mountain, burned the northern side of the Mountain, Owl and Buckeye Canyons, specifically (click here to take a look back at the incident via the former blog).  As the rains cease and fire season approaches, the Fire Department wants to ensure that Brisbane residents are doing all they can to prevent the fire from having any more fuel than what's already afforded by grasses found on the Mountain.

Please make sure your property is in compliance by the deadline outlined in the letter: May 16, 2011, as this will be the week the Fire Department will begin inspecting all properties for compliance.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Clyde Preston, Safety Inspector, Fire Prevention Services Bureau 650-991-5741.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this vastly important effort!


Signboard Postings

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Posted 4/15/2011

In Loving Memory of
Gloria Sevilla
1931 - 2011
Posted 4/14/2011
Masterworks Chorale
"Love Songs and Chocolate"
Sun., Apr. 17th, 4 pm, Miss. Blue Ctr.
Posted 4/11/2011
Brisbane Marina
Derrick Ward Memorial Car/Cycle Show
Sat., Apr. 17, 9 am - 4 pm, Brisbane Marina
Benefits Pancreatic Action Network
For Information (650) 583-6975

AYSO Fundraiser
Pancake Breakfast
and Early Bird Sign Ups


San Bruno Officials Stop In

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At this past Monday night's City Council meeting, San Bruno Vice Mayor Michael Salazar and Finance Director for the City of San Bruno Edmund Suen presented a Proclamation to the City of Brisbane, for assistance provided in response to the tragic September 9, 2011 pipeline explosion and fire.  Nearly 900 Police and Fire personnel from throughout San Mateo County and the Bay Area fought the fire, evacuated residents, and assisted with the initial clean up and re-entry to the Glenview neighborhood.  During that same time, more than 200 non-safety personnel from neighboring jurisdictions, Brisbane included, responded and provided assistance to the community of San Bruno by staffing the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  Shifts in the EOC lasted 12 hours each, and staff from Brisbane helped in answering the public information line where residents and reporters caused the line to be ringing far more frequently than they had staff available to answer it.  This helped to quell the anxiety of the residents as well as assist reporters from local TV stations and news groups to report out accurate information to the public.  The City of Brisbane is appreciative of San Bruno stopping and presenting the City with a Proclamation, but wouldn't hesitate to offer the same support and services if ever the need arose.