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Posted 6/17/2011

You are invited to: B. Baylands Community Advisory Group
Tues., 6/21/11 7-9pm, Community Ctr., 250 Visitacion
Speaker: Alex Lantsberg, Co-Chair
S. F. Alliance for a Clean Waterfront


Posted 6/10/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Youth Summer Camp
Limited Space Still Available
Information:  508-2140

PG&E Gas Line Update

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Last Monday, representatives from PG&E were back before the City Council, this time to talk about how they're enhancing the safety of the natural gas system, the various inspection processes they conduct on their natural gas transmission lines, and their customer outreach efforts.  Click here to view the Powerpoint presentation that was presented.  You may have heard that a portion of line that runs through South San Francisco had hydrostatic testing performed on it earlier in the week.  Hydrostatic testing involves pressurizing the section of the pipe with water to a much higher level than the pipe will ever operate with natural gas.  This verifies the capabiliy of a pipeline to safely operate and can also reveal weaknesses that could lead to defects and leaks.  No service disruption occur when the testing is taking place.  The representatives from PG&E also talked about the two lines that are located in Brisbane, Line 101 runs along Bayshore Blvd. and Line 132 runs through San Bruno Mtn. State Park, crosses West Hill Place, and north to Guadalupe Canyon Parkway. Line 132 is scheduled to be tested later this year.  When that time comes, we'll let you know through the website and City publications.  If you have any questions before then, please contact the newly-created PG&E Customer Care Gas Specialist Line, 1-888-743-7431 or visit


Upcoming Projects

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Now that school's out and the weather's cooperating, there's not a better time than now to the execute Public Works projects which previously were in the planning design stages.  One of them is the BES Restroom installation at the corner of the BES field.  In the next couple weeks or so, a contractor will be conducting initial site work and grading before the actual facility (which is being assembled off-site) will be dropped in place (literally) and hooked up.  This will bring an end to the porta-potties that the City has been paying rent for all this time.  The project is being funded entirely from Dedicated Park In-Lieu Funds, so the City isn't paying a dime.

Another project that we've mentioned to you in recent weeks was the Lipman Slide Repair project.  Right now, if you go by that field, you'll see very skilled welders working on the beams that will be part of the retaining wall that's being installed on the hillside.  Please exercise caution when playing on the other side of the field, and stay behind the orange construction fencing.

Lastly, Public Works Dept. staff will be meeting with contractors on Monday to set a date for when construction will begin on the Bayshore Bikeway Project, Phase 2.  Phase 1 allowed for a bike lane to be installed on Bayshore from the City's southern limits to Valley Dr.  Phase 2 will extend the bike lane from Valley Dr. to the City's northern limits.  More details on this project and when construction of the bike lane will begin to come.  The City and its biking enthusiasts are excited for this project, which is also being paid for through state and federal funds.


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Many graduates have already been congratulated this year on a job well done, but today, the Preschoolers got their turn.  Thirteen of them will be starting Kindergarten next year, and they could not be better prepared.  Teacher Diana, along with her helpers Marcela and Linda, put on another fabulous graduation ceremony, complete with performances from the "moving up" kids (in yellow crowns), and of course, the graduates themselves.  They couldn't wait to get their diplomas and take a picture with their teacher.  A Hawaiian-themed celebration ensued in the modular building where the Preschoolers have class, with all the goodies prepared and provided by the parents. Congratulations, Graduates!  You did it!

June 2011 Citynews

Signboard Postings

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Posted 6/6/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Men's & Co-Ed Softball
Registration Deadline:  July 11th
Information:  (415) 508-2143 

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Brisbane Night at AT&T Park
Fri., June 24, 7:15, vs. Cleveland
Information (415) 508-2144


Posted 6/1/2011

Make Your Dog Proud
Dog Park Clean-Up Day
Sat., June 4, 9 am, 50 Park Place
Info:  (415) 716-0940

Brisbane Library Presents
"The Last Train from Bay Meadows"
A film by John Rubin
Fri., June 3, 7:30 pm, Miss. Blue Ctr.

Community Forum

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If you missed Tuesday evening's Community Forum, you can catch the entire taping of it here (actual meeting starts at 4 minutes, 45 seconds).  Bob Dettmer and Ken Walker of the Brisbane School District, along with Clarke Conway and Cliff Lentz of the Brisbane City Council serve on the 2 x 2 Committee, with the goal to reach out to more members in the community and hear their concerns about the School District.  President of the School Board, Ken Walker, gave an overview of the District, their teaching methodology, and parental involvement in regards to fundraising and the role of BEST/PTO. 

Superintendent Toni Presta went over the District's budget outlook and spoke on the need to look "outside the box", for instance, the consolidation of neighboring school districts.  The rest of the meeting was dedicated to hearing from those in the audience, where youth and adults got involved.  Another 2 x 2 Committee meeting will take place after the results from the phone survey come back.  Details of that meeting will be made known on the City's website and publications when they become known.

Budget Public Hearings

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A Special Meeting was held on Thursday, May 26th, kicking off the first of what will be a few budget hearings for the City's 2011-12 budget.  City Manager Clay Holstine started off the evening stating that he hopes this year's budget to be the start of where the traditonal way of doing budgeting is turned on its head.  Specifically, he spoke of moving the City's budgeting process to be more outcome or values-based.  Stuart Schillinger, Administrative Services Director for the City of Brisbane, gave a Powerpoint presentation which included:

  • An overview of the City's values (Involved, Informed, Fiscally-Conservative, Environmentally-Progressive, Safe, and Caring)
  • Where cost-savings were realized amongst the departments, whether through employees leaving through attrition or creative ways they thought to do their jobs differently with no impact to the community
  • Forecasted revenues and expenditures of the City, and
  • A four-year financial forecast 

Afterwards, Stuart walked the Councilmembers through the various sections of the budget.  Starting on June 6th, departments will be presenting their 2011-12 budgets to the City Council.  Fire, Police, and Parks & Recreation will be presenting their budgets on June 6th, with the rest of the departments - Community Development, Marina, Aquatics, Public Works, City Manager, Administrative Services, City Clerk, and City Attorney - presenting their budgets on June 13th.  Budget hearings will be taking place in the Community Meeting Room located at City Hall - 50 Park Place - starting at 7:30pm.  You can also tune in on Ch. 27 and via the City's website, where the meeting will be streaming live, as well as replayed on subsequent days.  Check the Brisbane Ch. 27 broadcast schedule for details.  For any budget-related questions, please contact Stuart Schillinger at (415) 508-2151 or

Important Reminder

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The March 11 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan left more than 15,180 dead, 5,330 injured and more than 8,700 people missing across 18 prefectures. The disaster also damaged or destroyed some 125,000 buildings and cut electricity and/or water to more than five million households. Tsunami waves exceeded 30 feet in height and penetrated up to six miles inland in some places. In all, more than 180 square miles flooded.

The earthquake was centered 81 miles east of Sendai, Japan, a city of more than a million residents; the depth was approximately 20 miles.

Imagine a similar seismic event just west of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Remember, the Bay Area sits on the same Pacific Ring of Fire, home to approximately 90 percent of the world's earthquakes and 80 percent of the world's largest earthquakes.


Are you ready?


The 7th annual Disaster Preparedness Day is set for 10am-2pm, Saturday, June 11, at the San Mateo Event Center.

That day also is the first day of the 2011 San Mateo County Fair at the same place.

Anyone arriving BEFORE 11am gets free parking and free admission to the fair that day.

Please see the PDF flier for more details.  The Brisbane Office of Emergency Services (OES) and our Community Emergency Volunteers (CEVs) will also be participating in the event.

Hope you can make it to this important and FREE event!

Signboard Postings

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Posted 5/27/2011

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
Yoga Classes
Mon. & Wed. @ Noon and Sun @ 8:30 am
Inforrmation:  508-2143

SFO Community Roundtable
Brisbane Aircraft
Noise Workshop