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Santa's Visit 2015

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Did you hear?  Santa is coming to town!  But he's on a tight schedule, so be sure to check when and where he'll be stopping and be mindful of his time!  This will allow Santa and the Brisbane Lions that will be escorting him to move swiftly along their scheduled route and visit all the kids in Brisbane!  Click here or the image below to view Santa's route and schedule for this year.

Smoking Ordinance

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UPDATE: Wednesday, 12/9 - The Council last night voted to adopt Ordinance 602 enacting the following motions.

UPDATE: Friday, 12/4 - At last night’s City Council meeting, the Council approved two motions:

First, they unanimously voted to adopt Ordinance 602 as written with the following amendments:

  1. Updating a bullet point in one of the Whereas statements (p.4)  to, “The United States Fire Administration recommends that if people smoke, that they smoke outdoors;”
  2. Changing “At all public transit stops” to “At all public transit shelters” in Section 8.45.040 – Areas where smoking is prohibited
  3. Removing Chapter 8.46, which takes out all restrictions on smoking in multi-unit residences, but leaving all restrictions on smoking in public places and on certain types of distribution and sale of tobacco products, and all provisions extending the City’s existing tobacco retailer license provisions to e-cigarette retailers.

Second, the Council unanimously moved that it is the Council’s intent to adopt an ordinance regulating smoking in multi-unit residences within the next year (2016).  Before that happens, there will be extensive education outreach on the nature of the ordinance and the justification for it, and a full opportunity for feedback from all impacted homeowner associations and landlords.  Stay tuned!  Click here to read the full staff report from the Deputy City Attorney for the City Council meeting of 12/8.

UPDATE: Friday, 11/20 - The Council last night set 12/3 as the date they will meet to discuss the ordinance in more detail.  The agenda will be made available 72 hrs. prior on the All Meetings page.

UPDATE: Friday, 11/13 - The Subcommittee met today and will be meeting again on Wednesday, 11/18.  They will discuss with the full Council at their 11/19 meeting the possibility of having a special meeting on 12/3 to discuss the ordinance in more detail.

UPDATE: Friday, 11/6 - The City Council last night decided to refer Ordinance No. 602 back to the Health & Safety Subcommittee for further review.

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The City Council will consider introduction of Ordinance No. 602, restricting or limiting the use of tobacco products and/or e-cigarettes in various public places, businesses patronized by the public and in common areas and individual units of multi-unit dwellings and (2) ban the sale of tobacco products and/or e-cigarettes sales when such products are not in the manufacturer’s original packaging or are sold from vending machines or self-service displays.

This item was discussed at the City Council meeting of October 15 and was continued to November 5th.  Council will consider new regulations to ban the smoking of tobacco and other products in public places, common areas and individual units of multi-unit residences.  This ban would apply to the use of e-cigarettes and the smoking or vaporizing of medical marijuana.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, November 5, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall, 50 Park Place.  Click here to view the staff report on this issue.

Holiday Donations at City Hall

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In the spirit of the season, toy, food, and coat donation boxes have been set up in the lobby of City Hall.  Please consider donations of new, unwrapped gifts, canned or dry foods, and/or new or slightly used coats (via the organization One Warm Coat) this holiday season.  The boxes will be picked up the first week of January and all donations will be donated locally to those in need.  Thank you for thinking of and helping others this holiday season!

Signboard Postings

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Posted 12/4/2015

City of Brisbane
Water Bills Due
Due Dec 7th

Park & Rec. Registration Opens Dec. 8
Basketball 2nd-5th Grade
Baseball Ages 5-10


December 2015 Marina News

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 Click here to read the December 2015 Marina Newsletter

December STAR & Activity Guide

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Click here to read the December STAR and Winter & Spring 2016 Activity Guide.

Sand Bags at City Hall

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Sand bags have been made available to Brisbane residents by the Public Works Dept., so please be sure to take some if you need them (10 bag limit).  There is a fill-your-own station in case the pre-filled ones on the pallete (underneath the black tarp) run out before the Public Works Dept. is able to make more.

Congressional App Challenge

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You are invited to participate in the 2015 Congressional App Challenge! 

Established by the US House of Representatives in 2013, this 10-week competition allows high school students to create and submit their own apps.  Students may participate as individuals or in teams of up to four.  Winning students will have their apps featured on a display in the Capitol Building, and will be honored by Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

November 9, 2015 - January 15, 2016

For more information, visit

For any questions, please contact .  Good luck to all!

Signboard Postings

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Posted 11/23/2015

In Loving Memory of
Jane R. Kinzler
1946 – 2015
A Wise, Loving, Funny, Talented Friend

Brisbane Parks & Recreation Dept.
29th Annual Festival of Lights
Sun., Dec. 6th, 6 pm Community Pk.
Top of Visitacion @ 5:45 pm


Baylands Meeting Schedule

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The City is very fortunate to have such an engaged and knowledgeable citizenry.  It is with that notion that we wanted to provide to the community the Planning Commission’s tentative schedule for the upcoming Baylands review process.  The Planning Commission’s role in the process is to make recommendations to the City Council.  Please note: this is a planned schedule and is subject to adjustment as needed as the process moves forward.

  1. Workshop #1 (September 10): Brisbane Baylands Planning and Environmental Review 
  2. Workshop #2 (September 24): Brisbane Baylands Final EIR and Planning Documents
  3. Public Hearing #1 (October 1):  Biological Resources, Cultural Resources
  4. Public Hearing #2 (October 8):  Geology, Hazards and Hazardous Materials, Hydrology and Water Quality
  5. Public Hearing #3 (October 13):  Traffic and Circulation, Noise
  6. Public Hearing #4 (October 22): Air Quality, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Resources
  7. Public Hearing #5 (October 29):  Public Services and Facilities, Recreation, Utilities and Service Systems, Water Supply
  8. Public Hearing #6 (November 4):  Aesthetics, Land Use and Planning Policy, Population and Housing, Alternatives
  9. Public Hearing #7: Continuation of Public Hearing #3 (November 12): Traffic and Circulation, Noise
  10. Public Hearing #8 (November 16): Community Organization Presentations, Planning Commission Questions, Public Comment
  11. Public Hearing #9 (December 1): Community Organization Presentations Continued, Planning Commission Questions, Public Comment
  12. Public Hearing #10 (December 10): Applicant Presentation, Planning Commission Questions, Public Comment
  13. Planning Commission Deliberations (January 2016 - To Be Determined):  Planning Commission discussion and final recommendations to City Council

We know this is a fairly lengthy and intense schedule, but we need your feedback now, more than ever.  Please mark these dates in your calendar and plan on attending wherever your schedule permits, or on the nights with the topics of greatest interest and/or concern to you.  Each meeting/hearing starts at 7:30pm at City Hall (50 Park Place).  Thank you for your great attention to the project up to this point.  And if you haven't gotten a chance to be as involved as you would like, now is the time

To receive e-mail updates about the Baylands project, please sign up for the Baylands E-mail List.