About The Open Space & Ecology Committee

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The Open Space & Ecology Committee is responsible for open space planning, maintenance, and monitoring within Brisbane; ecological issues that affect the natural environment in Brisbane as guided by the principles of ecological sustainability; and City practices and programs related to natural resource conservation.   

Its members are appointed by the City Council for terms of two and four years each and meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Community Meeting Room at Brisbane City Hall, 50 Park Place.  See archived agendas and archived minutes

To contact the Committee, use the contact form.

Committee Members

Barbara Ebel, Chair  
Appointed: 2012
Term Expires: 2016

Yakim (Kima) Hayuk, Vice Chair
Appointed: 2012, 2014
Term Expires: 2018

Michele Salmon
Appointed: 2012, 2014
Term Expires: 2018

Michael Abney
Appointed: 2014
Term Expires: 2018

Glenn Fieldman
Appointed: 2008, 2012
Term Expires: 2016





Ocean Plastic Presentation at May 8, 2012 Meeting

Three San Francisco State Univeristy students, Christina Manalansan, Malinda Mather, and Dominique Piccinino, gave a presentation on Plastic Pollution in the Ocean to the Open Space and Ecology Committee on May 8, 2012.  Made from petroleum, plastic products degrade and often end up in our oceans where they pollute the water and endanger sea life. Check out their Powerpoint presentation and learn more about this critical environmental problem and what you can do to help!  

Video Playback & Resources from the March 9, 2011 Energy Savings Forum

Part I: Introduction and Overview of Saving Energy in Your Home or Business

Part II: Presentations by Brisbane Citizens

Part III: How to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use and Produce Clean Energy, Closing Questions

Energy Upgrade California | https://energyupgradeca.org

The Energy Ambassador Program, A Project of Sustainable San Mateo County

Ennovationz | http://www.ennovationz.com/ 

SolarCity | http://www.solarcity.com/ 

Recurve (now Advanced Home Energy) | http://advancedhomeenergy.com/

To purchase energy-efficient lighting:
Brisbane Hardware

BBCAG Dr. Alex Horne presentation:



The general areas of responsibility of the Committee are:

  • Ecological issues that affect the natural environment in Brisbane as guided by the principles of ecological sustainability.
  • City practices and programs related to natural resource conservation.

Some examples of specific issues and topics that the Open Space Committee may address include:

  • Habitat Management and Vegetation Management
  • Green Building
  • Water and energy conservation.
  • Annual open space report.
  • Public information and education on ecological issues.
  • Recycling/solid waste reduction issues.
  • Wetlands preservation and enhancement issues.
  • Issues related to pollution, toxic waste and contamination.

Meeting Agendas are available for review online and at the Brisbane Library, City Hall, and Mission Blue Center. For further information, please contact Stuart Schillinger at (415) 508-2151 or email him at schillinger@ci.brisbane.ca.us.